Welcome to the Shasta County Office of Education’s Transportation Department’s website! The Shasta County Office of Education Transportation Department provides school bus transportation services to a variety of programs within Shasta County. The County Office operates a fleet of 26 school buses transporting students of all ages to special education programs operated by the County Office as well as programs operated by the school districts in Shasta County. We also operate 8 additional school buses through contracts to provide home to school transportation services for Anderson Union High School District and Chrysalis Charter School.

SCOE employs a total of 42 commercial drivers; 38 of them are school bus drivers. Safety is our number one priority; our fleet travels over 800,000 miles annually and the County Office school bus drivers’ maintain an excellent safety record. Our department has four State Certified Instructors on staff to provide ongoing training to our school bus drivers and attendants. Training is also available for drivers from other districts through renewal classroom training held twice a year. The Shasta County Office of Education also provides original school bus driver classroom and behind the wheel training to ensure an adequate number of school bus drivers to sustain the needs of the department.

The Shasta County Office of Education Transportation Department operates a diverse and comprehensive transportation system. Please continue to review this website and utilize the links on this page for more information about our programs and services.

Join Our Team

Ideal Candiates

We are looking for a few good men and women to transport the finest students in the County.

  • Clean driving record
  • Safety Minded
  • Dependable
  • Enjoy working with children


  • Free professional training
  • Part-time job with competitive pay
  • Holidays & school vacations off
  • Medical, dental & vision plans
  • Paid Vacations
  • Retirement plan
  • Union representation


Prior to being hired each driver must successfully complete the following:

  • interview process
  • substance abuse check
  • criminal record check
  • physical examination
  • DMV review

Several school buses neatly arranged in the parking lot.

Services We Provide

District Services

Field Trip Request Forms

School field trip requests must be approved by the site administrator and sent to the school district office for final approval. The form must be sent to and signed by the school district’s superintendent or designee. It will then be sent to Shasta County Office of Education Transportation Department by mail, inter-district mail or fax. Trips cannot be secured without a two week notice.

Please call Shasta County Office of Education Transportation Department at least 24 hours before the trip to confirm, change or cancel your outing.

(530) 225-0340

Please print out and complete the following form.

Click to view and print Field Trip Request Form

Additional information:

  • Teachers should confirm return times and locations with the driver as they are departing.
  • Field trip request depart and return times must be met.
  • Students on the field trip bus need to follow the school bus rules.
  • Any students suspended from their home to school bus are suspended from field trip buses.

Special Education Transportation Services

Routing and Scheduling

Student information for all students transported by the County Office is received from the school sites or programs, not from the parents. This insures that the schools and programs have the most up to date and accurate information on the students we transport. All parents should contact the school site or program director to update addresses, phone numbers, special transportation information, medical information and contact information. Once received by the Dispatcher/Scheduler at transportation, transportation records will be updated and services will be revised as necessary. New students into our program or changes of address resulting in route changes normally take 3-5 days to implement. Parents will be contacted by the driver for changes in pick up or drop off times and locations.

If you need to contact transportation directly, please call (530) 225-0340.

Student Transportation Request Forms

Requisitions submitted to Shasta County Office of Education Transportation Department for student busing must be requested by the student’s school district of residence. Please print out and complete the following form.

The form must be signed off by the school district’s superintendent or designee. Send the completed form by mail, inter-district mail or fax to:

Shasta County Office of Education Transportation Department

3169 South Market Street

Redding Ca 96001

(530) 225-0340 Fax (530) 225-0342

Most requests take 3 to 5 working days to process. The parents will be notified by phone with the routing information.

Training and Employment Services

If you are looking for a way to help serve the children of your community and have a rewarding career, you’ve come to the right place. We offer professional training and assistance in acquiring your School Bus Certificate. Substitute driving positions are initially offered while gaining the skills and experience to apply for permanent driving positions. Permanent positions can offer a quick paced, challenging work environment, with an attractive salary and benefits package and an outstanding opportunity for growth and promotion.

School Bus Certificate Renewal Training

We offer renewal training classes to school bus drivers in order to maintain their School Bus Certificate requirements. It is our goal to provide the training needed to help every driver successfully pass their tests. The class is held bi-annually at the Shasta County Office of Education Transportation Office, 3169 S. Market St., Redding, CA 96001. A notification letter is sent to Shasta County School districts with the class dates and times.

Please note that the first aid training will not be given during these renewal classes.

Please click on link Renewal Training or call (530) 225-0340 to inquire about these classes or to check on the availability of in-service time offered during these times (depending on class size.)

School Bus Driver Qualifications & Requirements:

Transportation Training Calendar

April 2017
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Sat/Sun
Mon, Mar 27
Tue, Mar 28
Wed, Mar 29
Thu, Mar 30
Fri, Mar 31
Sat, Apr 1
Sun, Apr 2
Mon, Apr 3
Tue, Apr 4
Wed, Apr 5
Thu, Apr 6
Fri, Apr 7
Sat, Apr 8
Sun, Apr 9
Mon, Apr 10
Tue, Apr 11
Wed, Apr 12
Thu, Apr 13
Fri, Apr 14
Sat, Apr 15
Sun, Apr 16
Mon, Apr 17
Tue, Apr 18
Wed, Apr 19
Thu, Apr 20
Fri, Apr 21
Sat, Apr 22
Sun, Apr 23
Mon, Apr 24
Tue, Apr 25
Wed, Apr 26
Thu, Apr 27
Fri, Apr 28
Sat, Apr 29
Sun, Apr 30

Transportation Related Links

Vehicle Maintenance Services

The Shasta County Office of Education Vehicle Maintenance Facility provides mechanical and maintenance services for school districts and other organizations throughout Shasta County. Services are provided for school buses, school vehicles and other vehicles owned by non-profit organizations. These services include scheduled maintenance, school bus safety inspections, minor to major mechanical repairs, minor body and paint repair, exhaust after treatment system and diesel particulate filter service and repair. Emergency road service is provided to our customers.

Our vehicle maintenance facility currently services approximately 130 vehicles which include school buses, pool vehicles, and grounds equipment. We have a large inventory of school bus related parts.

SCOE participates in the mutual aid agreement to provide emergency assistance to any Districts’ vehicles within our service area. Our staff includes three full time vehicle maintenance technicians, one lead vehicle maintenance technician, and an administrative assistant. We offer competitive rates and excellent customer service. Our vehicle maintenance team is fully committed to serve our clients effectively and efficiently with customer satisfaction as our primary goal.

**Service Reminder**

Please fill out and bring the E-Vehicle Maintenance Check-In Sheet with any E-Vehicle being dropped off at the maintenance shop.

E-Vehicle Maintenance Check-In Sheet

To contact the Vehicle Maintenance shop directly, please call (530)225-0339.

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