Project SHARE

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Allyson Harris - Program Director

Allyson Harris
Program Director

Diana Bates- Area Coordinator

Diana Bates
Area Coordinator

Cynthia Vengley- Area Coordinator

Cynthia Vengley
Area Coordinator

Jill McWillliams
Area Coordinator
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Vision & Goals

Our Program

Project SHARE (Shasta Health, Academic and Recreation Enrichment) is a collaborative effort between Shasta County Office of Education, school districts and support agencies to provide out of school time activities for our students. Our mission, vision and goals guide our programs to success.

Our Mission

To engage children in enrichment activities which positively affect their academic, social and emotional development.

Our Vision

A safe, structured and caring after school environment for every student in Shasta County, supported by the collaborative efforts of families, students, community members and local agencies.

Our Goals

  • Provide a safe and fun place for students during after school hours
  • Provide academic enrichment activities that increase student achievement
  • Increase attendance
  • Positively affect student behavior
  • Provide homework assistance
  • Offer recreational activities including art, sports, drama

Program Awards & Recognition

Unsung Heroes

Annually, Learning Support Region 2 After School Programs selects exemplary individuals throughout the nine county region who have made a significant contribution to the after school programs and are role models to others in the field. Our 2015/2016 school year Unsung Heroes were recognized at the 2016 Region 2 Professional Development Institute on August 3rd at CSU Chico on the first day of our two-day regional conference.

*We are very proud of these honorees and the work of all of our staff. Without their dedication, students would not have academic assistance, tutoring, electives and snacks during the after school hours of 3 to 6 pm.

Jennifer Schuetz, Site Facilitator

Jennifer began as a liaison within our program but has quickly identified as having exceptionally skills to engage students and infuse excitement. Since accepting the position as site facilitator, Jennifer has exceeded my expectations. She creates an enthusiastic environment for both staff and students while maintaining a secure location of safety and respect. Additionally, Jennifer does a tremendous job connecting with regular day staff always willing and eager to hear new ideas and easily accepts suggestions for program improvement.

Jennifer provides daily examples of leadership by providing an almost tangible philosophy for her program-make this a place kids want to be! One of Jennifer's greatest qualities is her vision. She is always looking for ways to make sure her staff feels supported by frequently conducting individual "check-in" meetings. Additionally, Jennifer holds weekly meetings to keep the liaisons informed of new information, upcoming events and areas of need. Jennifer is quick with compliments and incredibly generous. Not only does she purchase treats for her staff with her own money, on one occasion, it was brought to Jennifer's attention that a student at school did not have a backpack. Jennifer went to the store, purchased the backpack, filled it with supplies and delivered it to the student before the day ended. This is clearly so much more than a job for Jennifer and money is not her biggest motivator-Jennifer wants to make a difference and she absolutely does!

Andy Mills, Site Facilitator

Andy transferred from Igo Project SHARE to Happy Valley Primary to broaden his horizons and set a course to improve the structure, routine, and accountability with children in after school. He has created an amazing routine for the children and they are enriched daily with activities that encompass every bit of their well being. His Staff is thriving under his leadership and taking on challenges they never thought possible. He is organized, punctual, reliable, and very dependable. He is always thinking "outside of the box" and has a genuine compassion for each child and their family.

Andy has taken two after school programs and transformed them into success. He creates opportunities for students to achieve. He has helped develop recreation programs including coaching cross county, and facilitating a basketball program. He has encouraged technology and hands-on learning by creating a Tech Lounge, teaching Robotics, utilizing Chrome Books and iPads for education, building model cars, Lego sets, and model airplanes. He has empowered his staff to take on challenges to engage and enrich the students. Andy's staff has shown tremendous growth under his leadership and they feel validated and encouraged by Andy's leadership. Andy is excellent with building relationships and empowering staff. Andy is by far a HUGE asset tot he Project SHARE team!

Morgan Sherman, Site Facilitator

Morgan has been with Project SHARE for five years contributing excellent service to South and North County After School Programs. Morgan stands out for her compassion, integrity, and thoroughness. She is a quality employee that has a skill set that is hard to match. Morgan is incredible with sacrificing her own time to develop a quality program. She even stepped into a role to mend a Middle School Program that had lost structure and balance. Morgan is working hard to rebuild the SHARE middle school program. Morgan is creating a program that gives and expects respect. Morgan has spent the last two months at Anderson Middle School creating a program that is beneficial to our community. The children have learned that disrespect is a part of their language. Morgan is offering opportunities for the after school children to be respectful. She has created Youth Voice Opportunities by coaching both 5th grade basketball teams and encouraging the youth to have strong sportsmanship. Morgan also started a 'Girls Circle" Club to teach girls how to respect and honor themselves. She has continued to provide a strong running program that encourages the youth to strive for a goal and accomplish it!

Honorable Mention

Andrea Sellers, Site Facilitator

Support Council

Our SHARE Support Council is dedicated to supporting quality after school programs through professional development, on-site coaching, mentoring and continuous improvement monitoring.

Allyson Harris, Program Director

Diana Bates, Area Coordinator

Cynthia Vengley, Area Coordinator

Jill McWilliams, Area Coordinator

Amy Morales, Administrative Program Assistant

Adrianna Webb, Administrative Program Assistant

Mindy Chaussee, Project Coordinator

Ryan Coughran, Project Coordinator

Jennifer Godbout, Project Coordinator