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In the spring of 1979 the Schreder Planetarium was opened in Redding as a multi-media science education facility serving the students and citizens of Northern California. The planetarium provides student and community education in Astronomy and Space Science. Capturing the passion and curiosity of children, teenagers and adults, the planetarium is a beautiful, domed theater in which a realistic and scientifically accurate simulation of the night sky is created, using a highly specialized digital projector. The Digistar 3 projector uses powerful graphics hardware and software to generate immersive full-dome images on the interior surface of a dome, integrating all-dome video, real time 3D computer graphics, and complete digital astronomy.

  • Approximately 1,500 square feet
  • 10 meter domed theater
  • 65 seats
  • Built by architects Nichols & Woodward
  • Contractor was Ken Gifford
  • The only astronomy public education center in the north state

Now we embark on a journey of bringing the fascination of astronomy and science to a greater audience. Committed to bring scientific, educational and informative programming to northern California for every age. Our programs are diverse ranging from scientific documentaries to science fiction stories. Schreder Planetarium is open for school field trips with reservation and evening public shows at least once a month.

Public Evening Shows - Buy Tickets Here!

Schreder Planetarium is pleased to open it's doors to the public for several evening shows each season. Stay tuned to our calendar to find out about upcoming shows!

Tickets are $7 each. Children under 5 may enter for free with a paying adult if they are sitting on the adult's lap during the show. NO REFUNDS.

3/24/17 Public Show

4/7/17 Public Show

6/9/17 Public Show

School Field Trips - Registration

1st, 3rd, & 5th Grade Field Trips:

1st Grade "One World, One Sky";

3rd Grade "Cosmic Safari"

5th Grade "Secrets of the Sun"

Shows have been preselected for 1st, 3rd, & 5th grade field trips to align with newly developed curricula and Next Generation Science Standards to best benefit students. All other grades and mixed grade level groups have their choice of show, but we highly recommend that you choose a show with curriculum matching the youngest students in your group to enhance your students' learning experience!

Our gift shop offers various fun science toys, t-shirts, and the always popular astronaut ice cream (freeze dried), so students may want to bring cash.

School Field Trip Registration

Field Trip Availability Calendar

For field trip reservations, please see the Field Trip Availability Calendar prior to submitting your request.

Field Trip Availability Calendar

Show Catalog

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Friends of the Planetarium

You don’t need a PhD in Astronomy to be a Friend of the Planetarium; just roll up your sleeves and bring your own unique talents and enthusiasm! If you would like to be a part of this exciting work and join the Friends of the Planetarium, please call (530) 225-0243 or email

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