Shasta College Theatre - August 12, 2019  7:15am

***All Call is being held at Shasta College, 11555 Old Oregon Trail, Redding (same location as last year).***

  • 7:15-7:45am Breakfast will be served at Shasta College's outside Amphitheatre
  • 7:15-8:00am Registration/Sign In (inside the lobby of the Theatre) - please bring your SCOE ID Badge
  • 8:00am Annual Meeting (inside the Shasta College Theatre, building #500) *Food is NOT allowed in the Theatre*.

Important Parking Information:

Parking at Shasta College:

  • Please park in the South Parking Lot (enter through the South Entrance).
  • Parking is free on August 12th - do not purchase a parking pass.

Shuttle Service:

  • For your convenience, our Transportation Department will be offering a shuttle to and from the Shasta College Theatre. Shuttles will arrive at each pick-up location at 6:45am and depart at 6:55am.
    • Shuttle Pick-Up Locations:
      • Transportation Department - 3169 S. Market Street - bus will pick up passengers in the bus yard (Pre-registration in NOT required).
      • Magnolia Office - 1644 Magnolia Avenue - bus will pick up passengers on Magnolia Ave in the bus loading zone - (Registration is required) Please complete the Google registration by August 8th https://forms.gle/FkcxUUDaZC6UfRHZ8
      • ERC - 3711 Oasis Road - bus will pick up passengers in the first front loop of the campus (Pre-registration is NOT required).
  • Buses will resume once the meeting is over. Please meet your return bus in the South Parking Lot.