Workers' Compensation Insurance

Although we try to give our employees sufficient training and education to prevent injuries, sometimes work related illnesses or injuries do occur. When incidents happen our goal is to expedite the employee's medical care and assure their early return to health and work. Our organization is self insured for workers' compensation. Shasta Trinity Schools JPA is now using Schools Insurance Authority for the processing of workers' compensation claims.

Immediately report all injuries to your direct supervisor and the Early Intervention Nurse at 1-877-742-3467.

Questions regarding your Workers' Compensation Injury call Schools Insurance Authority (SIA) at (916)-364-1281 or the Human Resources department at (530) 225-0205.

Questions regarding return to work 1-877-742-3467

When An Injury Occurs:

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Early Intervention Nurse (877) 742-3467
Schools Insurance Authority (916) 364-1281

Kathleen Wolter, Human Resource Analyst
(530) 225-0205

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