Web Help Desk Requests

Great News!!! The IT department has been working diligently on implementing a new ticket system. One of the many benefits of the new system is an online portal which we are hoping you will come to love. We have been able to incorporate the Finalsite form directly into the portal.

Once you have Logged into the portal using your standard log in credentials, use the chevrons to select the appropriate options. We have simplified the selections into two categories, which will expand as we bring more and more components on line.

Request Types:

  • Human Resources  with additional breakdown for new employee, intern, PSA and substitute
  • Information Technology with additional breakdown for changes, orders & requests, and problem

Depending on your request, the system will prompt you with a variety of information. Please provide as much information as possible, including screen shots of errors, etc. We will be fine tuning our portal access over the next couple of months.

It is the Manager/Supervisor's responsibility to initiate not only the creation of an user's account and related access, but to terminate their accounts as well as their access.

Please submit a hotline request noting the system and individual you are requesting access for. Based on the system and / or access requested, you may be sent a user access form to complete.

The History tab on the Portal provides information on all of your previously submitted tickets.