Network Status

All systems are operational

Detailed network status is available on our Network Status page. You can also subscribe to status notifications for the systems that affect you.


Network Operations Services

Shasta County Office of Education is able to provide many Network Operations Services to client districts. Although all districts utilize technology, the magnitude of technology related needs does not always sustain a full-time on-site IT staff. By providing the services below, to name a few, we provide a cost effective solution to a specific need.

  • Internet Content Filtering
    • SCOE has the ability to block improper sites access and report on blocking activity. The activity reports can then be used to evaluate employee performance or student disciplinary action.
  • Firewall Service
    • The Cisco ASA firewalls that are in place provide great flexibility in regard to user access without sacrificing security. The ASA firewalls are the industry standard for this appliance.
  • Network Monitoring
    • Our monitoring system monitors all equipment and our network, providing the ability to alert on any problems; so our staff can begin working on the solution often before our users are even aware they have a problem.
  • DNS and DHCP Service
    • SCOE provides primary and secondary DNS service and DHCP service using fully redundant servers.

All of these devices are housed in a secure, temperature controlled facility. The room power is fully backed by a 30KVA uninterruptible power supply (UPS). The room temperature along with continuous power is monitored 24/7/365 by internal staff as well as off site vendors.