As of July 9th 2018, the Shasta County Office of Education has migrated it's email and calendar system to Google.

What does this mean if I am a SCOE Employee?

SCOE employees will no longer use Microsoft Outlook as their default e-mail and calendar client. Instead, those services have now been transitioned over to the Google platform (G-Mail & Google Calendar). For additional information on Google, how to use it, and an explanation of the reasons for the transition, please refer to the "Going Google" web page. There you will also find access to the Google Learning Center, along with tips for using Google Calendar.

NOTE: SCOE employees that still require access to the old e-mail system for archival history, can still use the exchange webmail link to sign into their old accounts with their current username & password. Please be aware that the e-mail and calendar data will NOT be up to date.
How do I log into my Google E-Mail?

Access to Google Email can be reached by clicking on the following link: Sign Into Google E-Mail

What does this mean if I am a district customer?

Employees of other partner school and district offices that use SCOE e-mail services will continue to use the Microsoft Exchange Webmail.

How do I log into Outlook Exchange Webmail?

Access to Outlook Webmail can be reached by clicking on the following link: Sign into Outlook Webmail

**Google Minute Tip - Add Multiple Tabs to Chrome**

Have you ever wanted to add multiple tabs to Google Chrome and have them open on start-up? See our self help document for assistance.