User Access Requests

It is the Manager/Supervisor's responsibility to initiate not only the creation of an user's account and related access, but to terminate their accounts as well as their access.

The below forms have been created in coordination with Information Technology's work order system. The process of requesting access is summarized as follows:

  • Complete necessary forms based on the new user's requirements. Note, all user's will have the network access form, at a minimum.
  • Email the form to the hotline as an attachment to email.
  • The ticket will automatically be created, assigned, and a confirmation of receipt will be emailed to the requestor.
  • Upon completion of the requests, the original requestor will be notified as to its status, emailed any pertinent information, as well as a link to SCOE's website policies.

Due to the technical magic performed behind the scenes, we request that you do not change the subject line of the email, the file name, and attach only one request per email. This will create individual workorders within our system.

Network - Email account, access to SCOE network, file storage, building access & assigns printers to users

IFAS - Review or update access to the IFAS financial system; required for district personnel as well

Escape - Review or update access to the Escape financial system; required for district personnel as well (NEED FILE)

Aeries - Review or update access to Student Information System

Finalsite - Update access to SCOE website

Revoke - Terminate a user's account access