Thank you for using our Hotline ticket submission form. Our goal is to gather pertinent information for your technology issue so that we can resolve it as timely as possible.

It sounds like your password has expired. This link will take you to easy to follow instructions. If they resolve your issues there is no need to complete the survey. If it doesn't, continue on and we will be happy to help you out. You will need to select the back button so that you can return to this form.

Sounds like you are logged out of your phone; Does it by chance look like below?


The VoIP phone may be locked for a variety of reasons. If it is, by following these quick instructions you will be squared away in just a few moments.


  • Select the button to the left of Hot Desk
  • Select the button to the left of Login
  • When prompted enter your ext nbr.
  • Select OK upon entering your ext nbr
  • When promoted for PIN enter your ext nbr.
  • Select OK upon entering your PIN
The phone will reply with LOGIN COMPLETE

With the phone displaying the 'loading' or 'discovery mode' captions, IT will need to work some magic in the background. 

In order to do so, we will need your MAC address. By turning your phone upside down locate the white sticker attached to the bottom of the phone.

Image of VoIP MAC address

You can see that my MAC address is 08-00-0f-7e-87-8a. The case makes no difference to us.

Sounds like you phone is on Do Not Disturb, or DND. Is the light orange next to your DND button? If you don't see your DND on your first screen, remember to use your arrows on the bottom of the display to scroll between screens.

Once you find the culprit, just select the button and it will turn off; that is unless you have been enjoying the peace and quiet.

Sounds like you are on the Centrex phone system. We will most likely need to obtain AT&T's assistance.

Please describe below the issues you are experiencing.