Every Student Succeeds

February 2022 was our fifth consecutive year of hosting the “Every Student Succeeding” recognition event to celebrate courageous students in Shasta County who have overcome significant odds to achieve success. We were able to recognize 12 shining stars in our county who have beaten the odds and shown tremendous resilience. We honored elementary, middle, and high school students. It was our honor to hear about each student’s success along with their hopes and dreams for the future.

Either the principal or a staff member from the school recognized a student who is achieving and succeeding despite the challenges that life has put before them. For some, these challenges included medical or physical challenges, death of a parent, and moving to live with relatives, to name a few. Words used to describe these students included overcomer, resilient, responsible, brave, determined, and hopeful. Every one of these students is a shining example of resilience and we were honored to recognize and celebrate all that these students have overcome to be achieving and succeeding!

Photo of the kids who were recognized in every student succeeds