Administrative Services

Administrative Services strives “to be leaders in educational excellence, offering support to schools and community to ensure Shasta County students receive a quality education preparing them for high school graduation and success in career and college.”

It is our pleasure to provide Fiscal and Operational Management in the areas of Business Services, Payroll, Human Resources, Risk Management, Facilities/Maintenance & Operations, Transportation, Vehicle Maintenance, and Information Technology. We take pride in serving our district partners in an efficient, responsive and courteous manner and in compliance with State and Federal regulations For more information, see the web page:

Photo of the front of Shasta County Office of Education Building

Business Services

The Shasta County Office of Education provides fiscal oversight for all Shasta County school districts. In addition, contracted services are provided to assist districts and charter schools with budgeting, payroll processing, general accounting, and collection of school developer fees.
Contact: (530) 225-0235



California Public Employee Retirement System counseling is offered to all classified employees regarding retirement.
For appointment email: Questions: 1 (888) 225-7377



California State Teacher Retirement System Counseling in retirement planning, application completion, benefits, and options is offered to administrators and certificated employees from nine Northern California counties.
For Appointment: 1 (800) 228-5453 ext. 3
Questions: 1 (800) 228-5453


Facilities, Maintenance and Operations

The Facilities, Maintenance and Operations Department manages the facilities used by the Shasta County Office of Education, to provide clean and safe classrooms, offices, and training facilities. The department also assists with Williams Settlement visits to district schools.
Contact: (530) 225-0274


Human Resource Services

Pre-employment testing, recruitment and selection, labor and employee relations, workers’ compensation, substitute services, certification and credentialing services, and consultation on human resource issues are services provided by this department.
Contact: (530) 225-0280



The Transportation Department provides pupil transportation services through contracts to Anderson Union High School District and Chrysalis Charter School. Transportation is also provided to Special Education students in districts who request this service. The Transportation Department has a full-service vehicle maintenance department providing service and repairs to school buses and district fleet vehicles.  The facility is located at: 1103 Grange St., Redding CA 96001
Contact: (530) 225-0340

Information Technology

The Information Technology department provides support for a wide array of technology to include advanced network design and management as well as hardware and applications support.  The Shasta County Office of Education Network Operations Center hosts connectivity to the major telecommunications providers in our area, and manages and maintains a Wide Area Network for schools in Shasta County.

The Shasta County Office of Education also provides connectivity to the most robust research and education network infrastructure of any state in the nation. The multi-tiered, advanced network is a collaborative effort by:

• CENIC, K12HSN, and CalREN which serves the state’s public and private institutions of primary through higher educational communities.

• CENIC (Corporation for Education Network Initiatives in California) built and maintains the network.

• K12HSN (K-12 High-Speed Network)  K-12 schools and districts participation on the network, and is funded by the California Department of Education.

• CalREN (California Research and Education Network) is the statewide network consisting of 14 hub sites and circuits linking to 72 K-12 node sites, 11 UC node sites, 24 CSU node sites, 111 community college node sites, as well as six private university node sites.

In order to provide resilient service, this network consists of hub sites that link major statewide pathways and node sites providing connectivity to educational facilities throughout the state. The Shasta County Office of Education serves as a node site, connecting 100% of the districts in Shasta County. This network provides a number of advantages for students over commodity Internet:

• The CalREN network is dedicated to serving education.

• Local node sites participate in strategic planning and

decision making regarding this network which directly affects our community.

•  Services are provided on a cost recovery basis thereby eliminating the profit component of typical Internet providers.

• The network provides high speed connections designed to process a very high volume of data with minimal delay (latency) to the state testing centers, Google, as well as other education supporting facilities.

•  As an example, the average home Internet connectivity speed in California is approximately 25 Megabits per second (Mbps). The Shasta County Office of Education node provides a 10 Gbps shared connection (10,000 Mbps) for the districts.
Contact: (530) 229-8585