School Safety

The safety of our students and staff is the number one priority for school districts in Shasta County. At the Shasta County Office of Education we take school safety very seriously and we do everything that we can to support schools in this essential work. School safety support ranges from our work with districts in community engagement to implementing social and emotional well being  and trauma informed best practices. We also support districts across the county in the development of their Comprehensive School Safety Plans every year. 

Recently we established the Safer Schools Coalition of Shasta as a collaborative think-tank to promote the safety and well being of Shasta’s school children. The Coalition’s charge is to bring school officials and community partners together for meaningful discussion, sharing of best practices, networking, planning, and support to address the many aspects that impact the safety and overall climate in Shasta County schools.



Program Specialists:

Mike Freeman
Associate Superintendent-
Instructional Services

Will Barnett
Director of Continuous Improvement & Support