Schreder Planetarium

Enjoy these photos of people enjoying Schreder Planetarium

We are more than just space. Here we see a simulation of a massive hurricane as part of our Watery Worlds program that features "Oasis in Space" and Dynamic Earth".

About Schreder Planetarium

Capturing the passion and curiosity of children, teenagers, and adults, the planetarium is a beautiful domed theater focusing on science education for schools and the community. Under the leadership of Jack Schreder, our unique facility opened in 1979. It is a 10-meter domed theater with 65 seats, hands-on exhibits, and a gift shop. Schreder Planetarium is only open to the public during evening programs (scroll down for the ticket link).

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Public Evening Programs We offer evening programs at least twice a month for the public, usually on Friday nights. 

Educational Field Trips are available during the school year.  Learn more on our Field Trip Page.

Summer Field Trips are available during the summer break.  Learn more on our Summer Field Trip Page.  

Expanded Learning Program Field Trips  are available by special request. Email

Fulldome Show Descriptions and Trailers can help you choose the best program for you. 


Visiting Schreder Planetarium
All of our programs have these engaging elements:

  • Introductory demonstrations that create curiosity and explain astronomical phenomena.
  • A customized show presented by our staff from a curated selection of engaging features about the evening's topic.
  • A theater experience that creates an immersive 3-D effect on the dome.
    • Our field trips provide one show and our public evening programs have two shows. 
  • Time to explore the exhibits and gift shop.

Contact us at or (530) 225-0243 

Friends of the Planetarium

The Friends of Schreder Planetarium is a nonprofit group that supports the planetarium with funds and volunteers, including operating the gift shop. In 2019 they funded 50% of the new projector - a major improvement in content, quality, and delivery. To be a Friend of the Planetarium just roll up your sleeves and bring your own talents and enthusiasm! Most volunteers help with evening programs by checking in guests or working in the gift shop. Some are Board members and some have unique skills in technology or education. If you would like to be a part of this exciting work and join the Friends of the Planetarium or call (530) 225-0243.