Whiskeytown Environmental School

The Shasta County of Education offers 1/2 day field labs for grades K-8 and continues to fundraise and implement for a return to the residential Outdoor Science School.

The general environment is a mixed forest of manzanita, pine and oak with varying degrees of post-fire recovery. There is an abundance of wildlife living near the campus. Deer graze on the campus lawn and bald eagles nest and feed nearby. Clear Creek provides a habitat that attracts great blue herons, ducks, frogs, fish, aquatic insects, and many other animals. This has been a place of joy and learning for children for over 50 years.

  • Since the 2018 Carr Fire damaged the site, the National Park Service, the Shasta County Office of Education, WES Community (nonprofit) have worked continuously toward reopening the Outdoor Science School.
  • Architectural plans are in place for complete rebuild and we are awaiting potential funds from the National Park Service and WES Community fundraising efforts. We are aware that our community stands ready to help one the needs are known. Learn more about the efforts of our nonprofit groups at WES Community.
  • Our popular K-8 Field labs run in the spring and fall for school groups and the dates fill up fast.
  • Explore our nature and historical information and resources.