Charter School Resources

SCOE’s mission is to support public schools in Shasta County. Charter schools have some needs that are similar to other public schools and they also have to adhere to legislation directed solely at charter schools. The authorizing entity (school district or county office) also has specific needs in terms of oversight. 

We offer support to both authorizers and charter schools in understanding the changing laws and policies that affect both. We also offer many resources to support other needs of charters and authorizers in Shasta County, such as best practices for Oversight, Budgeting, creating and renewing charter petitions, reviewing those petitions, and more. 

We offer monthly meetings that bring authorizing staff and charter school leaders together so as to ensure transparency and the means to work together for what is best for students. Please contact us if you are not on that list. The charter-authorizer list also serves as an email list for various resources and updates.

Program Specialist:

Nate Fairchild
(530) 225-0214