LCAP (Local Control Accountability Plan)

The Local Control Accountability Plan, or LCAP, is an essential piece to the school puzzle in California. The LCAP is intended to be a comprehensive 3-year planning tool that documents the successes, needs, and goals of each district. The LCAP documents the engagement process of the district with their essential education partners like school personnel, families, students, and community members. Each plan describes District-wide and school-wide goals, as well as specific actions to be taken to achieve the goals for all students, including specific groups of students like English language learners, foster youth, and socioeconomically disadvantaged students. The plan also addresses each of the eight state priority areas, plus any locally identified priority areas and provides metrics for how the district will measure progress in each area. Each year districts report out on actual expenditures, progress toward meeting their goals, and any adjustments that they need to make based on data and feedback. Included in each LCAP is a detailed report on expenditures required to implement each of the goals and actions, including a description of how additional funds provided for low-income students, English learners and foster youth will be used to increase or improve services for these students. The LCAP development process is about telling each district’s story about where they are going, how they are going to get there, and where they are at right now. 

photo of LCAP state priorities


“Effective superintendents continually monitor district progress toward achievement and instructional goals to ensure that these goals remain the driving force behind the district’s actions.”

Marzano & Waters

LCAP Support Specialists:

Mike Freeman
Associate Superintendent-
Instructional Services

Will Barnett
Director of Continuous Improvement & Support