Health & Nutrition

Healthy fruits and vegetables

Healthy Behaviors Learning Centers

The Healthy Behaviors Initiative (HBI) supports local and statewide efforts by transforming expanded learning programs into places that embed healthy eating, physical activity and food security in their policies, practices and behaviors--changing the lives of the students, staff and families. Currently there are 23 multi-site programs and 32 Learning Centers (HBLC’s) statewide that are implementing the HBI practices at an exemplary level; impacting the policies, practices and behaviors of close to 800 expanded learning sites throughout California.

Project SHARE’s Redding STEM Academy is currently Shasta county’s only certified HBLC. Project SHARE is currently working to certify 3 additional sites as Learnings Centers. Additionally Project SHARE has taken the basic principles of the Healthy behaviors Initiative, which focus on daily physical activity, proper nutrition and food security as well as youth development, across program.

Supper Meal Program

Project SHARE, in partnership with SCOE’s nutrition services department, serves a complete meal each afternoon for some school locations that includes fresh fruits, vegetables, grains and proteins. With ample nutrition derived from a variety healthy whole foods, the students are able to sustain stable energy levels to participate in the many activities the after school programs offer daily.

Nutrition and Physical Activities

Project SHARE sites incorporate nutrition and physical activities to promote healthy lifestyles. Some of the curriculum and activities we utilize are: