Constitution Day Page

Constitution Week from September 17 to 23 is the commemoration of the drafting of America's most important document. September 17 is Constitution Day, the day that constitution was ratified and became the supreme law of the land in 1787. Also, September 17 is citizenship day. It is a day for all Americans—kids included—to reflect on the rights and responsibilities of citizenship and the protections Americans have in the Constitution.

California Department of Education - Information and resources about Constitution Day:

California Rights Foundation - Grade level lessons for Constitution Day, resources for parents and families, as well as ideas for civic engagement on Constitution Day:

U.S. Department of Education-  Constitution Day Information and Resources:

California History Social Science Framework - Each grade level has suggestions for ways to engage students in learning more about citizenship and civic engagement.  Appendix H specifically addresses the importance of Civics Engagement.

"The HSS Framework encourages students to understand the relationship between citizens and the state and to recognize their role as members of their community. Whether studying U.S. history, world history, government, economics, or geography, students should become familiar with the growth of representative government and democratic institutions, ideas, and habits as well as the presence, absence, or contestation of fundamental rights. The HSSFramework presents opportunities for civic engagement and education to help students explicitly connect their learning to the significance of citizenship and their communities." --CA HSS Framework, Executive Summary

Constitution Day - Interactive website with a variety of resources

The National Constitution Center - Resources and information with an interactive Constitution