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In 1991, the United States Congress established a federal Child Care and Development Block Grant (CCDBG) through which each state was allocated funds to assist low-income families in obtaining child care and development services.

In the same year, the passing of Assembly Bill 2141 established a system of Local Child Care Planning Councils for all California counties. The membership and responsibilities of Local Child Care Planning Councils were revised in 1997 as mandated by AB 1542. As a result, Shasta County Local Child Care Planning Council was formed that same year.

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Purpose and Mission


The purpose of the Local Child Care Planning Council (LCCPC) is to bring together all the resources of our community to identify and assess the early care and education needs of the community.

Our Mission

Through public outreach, involve the community in supporting high quality early care and education.

Strategic Plan 2015-2018

This Local Child Care Planning Council continues to lead efforts in the needs, services, and systems that pertain to early care and education in Shasta County. The most recent Needs Assessment was completed in April 2015 and was used to inform the development of the Council’s current Strategic Plan.

The Strategic Plan includes a breakdown of goals and actions to be achieved by the Shasta County Local Child Care Planning Council.

This plan is intended to guide the Council in its activities while striving to achieve its future goals as defined. The plan design is adaptable and allows for modification as the needs of the community change. The plan also has the ability evolve as new legislation and policies emerge.

Goal: Advocate Quality

  • Advocate to government agencies providing funding
  • Advocate for a worthy wage
  • Advocate to local businesses for family-friendly practices
  • Build advocates with parents and providers

  • Attend advocacy events, rally for policy change
  • Partner with Chamber of Commerce to promote policy to local businesses
  • Partner with businesses to support and promote early care and education and family-friendly practices

Goal: Increase Quality

  • Increase knowledge of providers currently serving in licensed or licensed exempt facilities to increase quality interaction
  • Identify, engage, and educate providers
  • Attract, attain, and retain educators to the early care and education field
  • Support the development of high quality transitional kindergarten programs
  • Deliver professional development and training for providers
  • Outreach to providers and future providers
  • Promote attainment of early childhood education units for transitional kindergarten teachers

Goal: Promote Quality

  • Utilize QRIS to rate early care and education sites for high quality programming
  • Define and promote quality standards based on developmentally appropriate practices
  • Increase parent education and training about quality child care
  • Educate community about quality child care
  • Support ongoing quality and system needs
  • Create QRIS for Shasta County
  • Promote providers who participate
  • Monitor quality through QRIS
  • Distribute newsletters with early care and education news and training opportunities
  • Use social media to promote child care sites


Shasta County parents and caregivers have access to high quality early care and education for their children ages 0 to 12.


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Current Fiscal Year 2019

5/23/19 Minutes


The Council's membership is composed of 15 voting members, appointed by the County Board of Supervisors and the County Superintendent of Schools. Members exercise decision-making responsibility for Council functions.

Council Members

Local Child Care Planning Council Structure

The Local Child Care Planning Council of Shasta County is funded by the California Department of Education. Members are appointed by the County Board of Supervisors and the County Superintendent of Schools. With a focus on high-quality care, the Council is tasked with assessing local child care needs, developing a county-wide strategic plan, setting zip code priorities for use of state funds, and facilitating the temporary and voluntary transfer of funds between state-funded agencies



Renee Menefee, Shasta County Office of Education


Amanda Keefer, Shasta Head Start


Rea McFadden, Shasta County Office of Education



Carol von Brandt, Cozy Kids Childcare

Debbie Whitmer, Shasta College ECE

Tessa Buell, Shasta Early Head Start

Cindy Dodds, Tri-County Community Network

Wendy Waugh, Early Foundations Children’s Academy

Kathey Kakiuchi, Public Health

Star Alfaro, Redding Bank of Commerce

Elizabeth Poole, First 5 Shasta

Doreen Albaugh, Far Northern Regional Center

Kaysha Davis, Redding Rancheria Head Start

Joy Garcia, Shasta County Office of Education

Cassy Leggett, Shasta County Office of Education

Attending Members

Teresa Urricelqui, City of Redding

Wendy Dickens, First 5 Shasta

Jackie Scott, First 5 Shasta


According to the California Education Code 8499, the local Child Care Planning Council membership has the following responsibilities:

  • Conduct a countywide Needs Assessment no less than once every five years
  • Develop a Strategic Plan based on the findings of the Needs Assessment
  • Establish annual county priorities to identify which zip code areas have the greatest need for child care
  • Conduct local forums to encourage public input in the development of local priorities
  • Foster partnerships designed to meet local child care needs
  • Facilitate the voluntary, temporary transfer of contract funds to maximize fiscal resources and utilization of child development funding
  • Collaborate with local entities to carry out child care staff retention initiatives

Public Meetings

Download a printable schedule. Map directions to Shasta County Office of Education.



LCCPC Priorities 2016-2017

Needs Assessment

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