Scholastic supports students in all areas of English-language arts.

The Kids Health Organization provides comprehensive information related to student health in a kid-friendly format.

The Teen Scene at The Shasta Public Libraries is a comprehensive site for students to access the public library system even if they are not able to visit the library in person.


The after school one-stop shop for student access to academic and recreational resources. These links are for learning games, puzzles, and activities. Practice your knowledge and have fun!


Primary Games - Games to help you be an excellent reader.

Starfall - where learning to read is fun.


Kids Numbers - Games and activities to support learning mathematics.

Cool Math Games - Practice your math facts using games and puzzles.

Math Playground - Brain teasers, games and puzzles to give your brain a work-out.

A-plus Math Games - Test your skill with addition, subtraction, & multiplication games.


Science News For Kids - Games, news, labs, vocabulary and more. This fun site will help you learn all about the world around you. Games, animal vocabulary, geography and more.  Wild Kratts is all about animals and protecting the environment. 


FunBrain - the all-in-one-site to practice your skills in math, reading and writing using games and interactive features. is a great way to connect with the library without ever having to whip out a library card! - the government portal for students.

PBS Kids - Link to your favorite PBS programs: Barney, Dora, Sesame Street & more.

Kids National Geographic ....- the spot to learn about the world.

National Gallery of Art ....tour the gallery and learn the techniques of the master artists.