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Allyson Harris - Program Director

Allyson Harris
Program Director

Diana Bates - Area CoordinatorDiana Bates- Area Coordinator

Diana Bates
Area Coordinator

Cynthia Vengley- Area Coordinator

Cynthia Vengley
Area Coordinator

JIll McWilliams - Area Coordinator

Jill McWillliams
Area Coordinator
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Vision & Goals

Our Program

Project SHARE (Shasta Health, Academic and Recreation Enrichment) is a collaborative effort between Shasta County Office of Education, school districts and support agencies to provide out of school time activities for our students. Our mission, vision and goals guide our programs to success.

Our Mission

To engage children in enrichment activities which positively affect their academic, social and emotional development.

Our Vision

A safe, structured and caring after school environment for every student in Shasta County, supported by the collaborative efforts of families, students, community members and local agencies.

Our Goals

  • Provide a safe and fun place for students during after school hours
  • Provide academic enrichment activities that increase student achievement
  • Increase attendance
  • Positively affect student behavior
  • Provide homework assistance
  • Offer recreational activities including art, sports, drama

Program Awards & Recognition

Unsung Heroes

Annually, Learning Support Region 2 After School Programs selects exemplary individuals throughout the nine county region who have made a significant contribution to the after school programs and are role models to others in the field. Our 2015/2016 school year Unsung Heroes were recognized at the 2016 Region 2 Professional Development Institute on August 3rd at CSU Chico on the first day of our two-day regional conference.

*We are very proud of these honorees and the work of all of our staff. Without their dedication, students would not have academic assistance, tutoring, electives and snacks during the after school hours of 3 to 6 pm.

Tom Brighthaupt III, Site Liaison

Tom is extremely reliable. He can always be counted on to show up and do a great job every day. He gives his all to the students and is always available with ideas on how to make our program better.

Tom's strengths with the students lie in physical education and homework. He takes a lot of time to work individually with students and always starts outside games with them.

Tom also excels in communicating with students when they are having conflicts with the other students or within themselves. Tom is an asset to Project SHARE.

Xavier Gutierrez, Youth Leader

Xavier has been a tremendous valuable part of our team for two years now. He is reliable and always has a great attitude. The kids all look up to Xavier and respect him. He is reliable and always has a great attitude. He is a great role model for our kids. It has been a pleasure working with him and watching him grow into a responsible teen.

Xavier always comes up with and facilitates extra projects for the kids. He truly loves what he is doing. He conducted many science experiments with the kids. For example, he did the bottle rocket project, bubble science project, and I can't forget the glitter slime!

Sebastian Harper, Site Liaison

Sebastian came to Project SHARE this school year as an experienced After School Liaison and Paraprofessional. He was expected to do well, and came highly recommended. However, Sebastian performed at a level that far exceeded my expectations, and continues to do so each time I observe him in his group, whether it is a surprise visit or a planned one.

Sebastian is kind and compassionate. He is a stellar example of a caring and supportive Liaison. On one occasion, while noting that his group, who has been notoriously unruly in the past, was 100% engaged and cooperative, I asked him what his Behavior Modification technique was. With hesitation he replied "consistency". After several subsequent visits, I can attest to this as a highly effective technique with his group.

Sebastian has implemented several fun new themed hands-on activities, often with a "superhero" theme. I wonder if he knows that he is really the "superhero" to his students.

Julie Humpries, Volunteer

Julie is a custodian during the regular day and after she puts in her entire shift, she comes back to volunteer her time. She comes in once a week for at least an hour every Monday and does an art project. She plans each project in advance and frequently provides her own materials.

Kristen Morgan, Site Facilitator

Kristen has always been a good leader, mentor, and friend and shows her strong leadership through hard work and dedication to our kids as well as her staff members. She is always ready to help and adapt to any situation that comes her way.

Her relationship with the students as well as their families is all in good standing. She is always a joy to see at work. Kristen brings a positive vibe to the work place. It is very nice to have someone so personable and understanding to call my boss/co-worker/friend.

Kristen was a Site Liaison before and this last year she became a Site Facilitator. She is always organized. Kristen is one of the most compassionate people I know. We had a mom come in and tell us some pretty upsetting news about her son a Kristen's response was supportive and caring. Her support throughout my experience at Project SHARE is amazing. Kristen supports her team. Kristen is an overall team player. I believe she is more than deserving of an award.

She is phenomenal with organization and communication with her staff and her parents. Kristen is intelligent and has created an enriching environment with her students. She offers a variety of science and business enrichments in combination with academics, social, and physical opportunities within the after school hours. She has created a rotational schedule that is fluid, structured, and well maintained.

Kristen exhibits exemplary leadership. She is incredible with coaching, modeling, and receiving feedback. She is quick to make adjustments to help her staff have success. Kristen is able to be assertive an remains professional in all circumstances that arise. Kristen is highly valued by the SHARE staff and school day staff and is an incredible first year facilitator.

Irene Salter, Principal

Irene has been a tremendous support to the success of the after school program at Chrysalis. She includes after school personnel in school events, has set up a forum for the after school site facilitator to communicate digitally with all families, has included after school feedback in site decisions and has promoted the program to her faculty and families.

Irene is a true advocate for the Project SHARE Program and her support is an integral part of the success of the after school program at Chrysalis.

Several times this year, Irene has made the time to meet with Project SHARE staff and families when there were students with challenging behaviors that needed modification. She invited her regular day teachers to be part of the team, and all worked together toward the best possible solution for each situation. She has always made herself available for feedback, and has backed the tough decisions that the site team has sometimes needed to make.

In addition, this school takes several off-campus overnight trips each year. On one such trip, the after school program was invited to operate at the event. This resulted in a number of families who were not aware of the activities that Project SHARE does being able to see firsthand a small slice of what the program had to offer.

Jennifer Schuetz, Site Facilitator

Jennifer Godbout is incredible. She has been the right hand to the Area Coordinator this school year. She has been supporting ratios, coaching new staff, taking pictures and videos of events, attending community events as the voice of SHARE, volunteering her time on weekends, and is able to act as a Facilitator at any site. Jennifer is exceptional in her capacity to serve and love children. She is present, engaging, respected, loved, and appreciated by all who know her. Jennifer exceeds all expectations when it comes to children and providing them a well-rounded positive after school experience.

Jennifer has trained all new staff in south county Project SHARE. We continue to have vacancies, but have hired substitutes, Teen SHARE's and PSA's. Jennifer has trained over 10 new employees this school year alone and taught them the importance of safety, and engaging classroom, organization with preparing lesson plans, and involvement. She is clear with her deliberation and has excellent follow up, so the employees learn and grow. She puts children first and she models this to new hires so that we can have a quality program. She also covers sites when staff is absent. She has no problem captivating an audience of children from ANY of the south sites. Jennifer is a "can do it all" girl!

Honorable Mention

Honey Storlie, Program Specialist, Shasta County Office of Education.

Cathy Brighthaupt, Site Coordinator, Shasta County Office of Education.

Stephanie Rosemeyer, Site Coordinator, Shasta County Office of Education.

Heather Dearton, K-5 Science Teacher, Shasta County Office of Education.

Ed Sellers, Custodian, Shasta County Office of Education.

Support Council


Our SHARE Support Council is dedicated to supporting quality after school programs through professional development, on-site coaching, mentoring and continuous improvement monitoring.

Allyson Harris, Program Director

Diana Bates, Area Coordinator

Cynthia Vengley, Area Coordinator

Jill McWilliams, Area Coordinator

Amy Morales, Administrative Program Assistant

Kate Bates, Project Coordinator

Ryan Coughran, Project Coordinator

Jennifer Godbout, Project Coordinator