Project SHARE

Collage of staff and students participating in various activities.

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Diana Bates - Program Director

Diana Reed
Program Director

Amy Morales
Administrative Program Assistant

Support Council

Our SHARE Support Council is dedicated to supporting quality after school programs through professional development, on-site coaching, mentoring and continuous improvement monitoring.

Diana Reed, Program Director

Jill McWilliams, Area Coordinator

Cathy Brighthaupt, Area Coordinator

Amy Morales, Administrative Program Assistant

Kate Bates, Project Coordinator

Ryan Coughran, Project Coordinator

Jennifer Godbout, Project Coordinator

Rebecca Spencer, Office Assistant

Vision & Goals

Our Program

Project SHARE (Shasta Health, Academic and Recreation Enrichment) is a collaborative effort between Shasta County Office of Education, school districts and support agencies to provide out of school time activities for our students. Our mission, vision and goals guide our programs to success.

Our Mission

To engage children in enrichment activities which positively affect their academic, social and emotional development.

Our Vision

A safe, structured and caring after school environment for every student in Shasta County, supported by the collaborative efforts of families, students, community members and local agencies.

Our Goals

  • Provide a safe and fun place for students during after school hours
  • Provide academic enrichment activities that increase student achievement
  • Increase attendance
  • Positively affect student behavior
  • Provide homework assistance
  • Offer recreational activities including art, sports, drama

Program Awards & Recognition

Unsung Heroes

Annually, Learning Support Region 2 After School Programs selects exemplary individuals throughout the nine county region who have made a significant contribution to the after school programs and are role models to others in the field. Our 2015/2016 school year Unsung Heroes were recognized at the 2016 Region 2 Professional Development Institute on August 3rd at CSU Chico on the first day of our two-day regional conference.

*We are very proud of these honorees and the work of all of our staff. Without their dedication, students would not have academic assistance, tutoring, electives and snacks during the after school hours of 3 to 6 pm.

Ryan Coughran, Project Coordinator

While Ryan's main duties are for events and programming at the high schools' programs, he has stepped up this year and offered much assistance to the k-8 programs as well. He has worked hard this year to help ensure that our new active supervision program is implemented at every site. He has developed systems to help the staff get to know the new program, and well as a system for accountability. also, Ryan understands the importance of a unified team, and has worked alongside the Project SHARE Support Team this year to help promote a unified front in the midst of programmatic changes. He has embraced the new changes and worked to assist with their implementation, while at the same time offering input and hands-on trainings to staff in order to assist with the transition. Ryan has stepped up even more to be a role model in the area of exemplary leadership. He offers ideas and assistance to keep programs moving in a positive direction, and he is open to both giving and receiving feedback. He has volunteered to assist the team multiple times this year, even though he has a full plate of event planning, two very small children, and a school schedule that keeps him busy. On many occasions, when I have needed to reach out to him for assistance, he has not only quickly responded and provided the assistance, he has also offered ideas and ongoing assistance to keep things running smoothly. 

Maureen Saari, Site Liaison

Maureen runs French Gulch as a solo site. She adapts all her enrichments to fit each age group. She is dependable, fair, consistent, and has excellent relationships with regular day staff, parents, and students. She is creative and runs a fun and exciting program. Maureen continually introduces new activities that keeps the students' interest. Maureen is dedicated to all aspects of her student's growth, social and academic. She is exceptional at including all students, K-8, in every activity. For example, boats that were built by students then raced down a creek of origami of all levels.

Valerie Anderson, Site Liaison,

Valerie has been an invaluable addition to our staff and program. Valerie has significant hearing loss, which can make the wonderful chaos of after school overwhelming...but, not for Valerie. She comes to work each day with a "can do" attitude seeking opportunities to make connections and a difference in the lives of our students. She believes in empowering students and living out her own journey to overcome obstacles and be the best version of yourself. She is also incredibly creative and generates an atmosphere of learning and fun; always looking for new innovative ways to enhance student engagement. During the 2018-2019 school year, the Site Facilitator at the Anderson Union High School Cub Connection program experienced many unfortunate events, including having her home destroyed by the Carr Fire, that caused her to miss many unexpected days of work. During this time, it was without hesitation that Valerie assumed the leadership role. She communicated regularly with the Facilitator to ensure duties were being accomplished and program quality was maintained. Valerie made certain that staff roles were identified and that each portion of the program need was covered. She managed directly alongside each staff member to give encouragement, answer questions and provide direction when needed. It is important to note that while Valerie is ALWAYS willing to help and support, she is not always willing to receive credit, when it is most certainly due. Valerie works and lives each day with the most kind, humble, servant's heart. She requires nothing in return for her love and gives freely to all around. Our program, students and staff are better for having the opportunity to know and love Valerie and we are forever grateful for her dedication and commitment.


Kerby Spencer, Accountant III

Kerby is a new accountant with Shasta County Office of Education, but came to us with great skill and an even greater "can-Do" attitude. Our After School Department has well over 60 budgets and Kerby somehow manages them all very well. Calling upon her for guidance is pretty much a "daily" thing. She is solution-oriented, and consistently looks for ways to ensure that our programs are utilizing funds in the best way possible for our students and program. Kerby definitely exemplifies a caring and supportive member of our team. She is thoughtful about her words and decisions. Kerby is also a visionary, and has taken the time to understand the Project SHARE goals and vision, and contributes ideas and systems to help reach those shared goals. Her patience and kindness are beyond "amazing"! We are honored to nominate Kerby for this award, and thankful to have the privilege of working with her!

Addyson Bright, Youth Participate/Youth Leader

Addyson is very caring and is usually ready to help set up for a club and has even assisted in creating ideas/patterns for a club for others to compete against. She is a very bright, and a natural leader even at such a young age. Addyson has worked hard in helping with clubs, worked hard at getting her homework and grades caught up, and shows her friends tons of emotional support every time someone is having a  bad day or having a hard time with homework. She is always willing to help them all. She has this natural way about her of just taking charge of a situation.

Honorable Mention

Connie Bradley, Site Facilitator

Breanna Nickens, Site Facilitator

Staci Emershy, Behavior Specialist

Amy Morales, Executive Administrative Assistant