Project SHARE

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Diana Bates - Program Director

Diana Reed
Program Director

Amy Morales
Administrative Program Assistant

Support Council

Our SHARE Support Council is dedicated to supporting quality after school programs through professional development, on-site coaching, mentoring and continuous improvement monitoring.

Diana Reed, Program Director

Jill McWilliams, Area Coordinator

Cathy Brighthaupt, Area Coordinator

Amy Morales, Administrative Program Assistant

Kate Bates, Project Coordinator

Ryan Coughran, Project Coordinator

Jennifer Godbout, Project Coordinator

Rebecca Spencer, Office Assistant

Vision & Goals

Our Program

Project SHARE (Shasta Health, Academic and Recreation Enrichment) is a collaborative effort between Shasta County Office of Education, school districts and support agencies to provide out of school time activities for our students. Our mission, vision and goals guide our programs to success.

Our Mission

To engage children in enrichment activities which positively affect their academic, social and emotional development.

Our Vision

A safe, structured and caring after school environment for every student in Shasta County, supported by the collaborative efforts of families, students, community members and local agencies.

Our Goals

  • Provide a safe and fun place for students during after school hours
  • Provide academic enrichment activities that increase student achievement
  • Increase attendance
  • Positively affect student behavior
  • Provide homework assistance
  • Offer recreational activities including art, sports, drama

Program Awards & Recognition

Unsung Heroes

Annually, Learning Support Region 2 After School Programs selects exemplary individuals throughout the nine county region who have made a significant contribution to the after school programs and are role models to others in the field. Our 2015/2016 school year Unsung Heroes were recognized at the 2016 Region 2 Professional Development Institute on August 3rd at CSU Chico on the first day of our two-day regional conference.

*We are very proud of these honorees and the work of all of our staff. Without their dedication, students would not have academic assistance, tutoring, electives and snacks during the after school hours of 3 to 6 pm.

Kate Bates, Project Coordinator

Kate has proven herself an extraordinarily valuable asset to the Project SHARE team. She returned to SHARE as a Project Coordinator after an extensive absence due to a lay-off, and upon arrival found many things had changed. Kate's "can-do" attitude and visionary ideas have had a positive impact on the entire support team. Kate always has a great attitude. Kate will go wherever she is asked to go, does whatever she is asked to do, and fill whatever role she is needed, often at a moment's notice. This speaks volumes about her character and integrity, especially as a single mom with six children, four of whom are under 8 years old.

She excels at talking with kids and parents in behavior meetings, and she knows how to connect and show empathy with people.

She exhibits exemplary leadership. Kate has been instrumental this year in developing our STEAM showcase and taking it to a new level. Under her leadership, we added several new elements to the showcase this year, and all were a big success, and will become permanent features of future showcases. She rocked the robotics showcase!

I am especially appreciative of the coaching and mentoring that Kate has provided with several of our newer staff. She will arrange her schedule to spend a significant amount of time with a newer liaison to shadow, coach, mentor, and lead them in a way that is best suited for that particular staff member, and for that particular school site. With the range and diversity of our rural and frontier sites, this sometimes means driving an hour and a half ONE WAY to spend time with a liaison during their shift and then making the long drive back late in the evening. With her family situation, this requires sacrifice and organization on her part, and her sacrifices do not go unappreciated! She has done a stellar job assisting our teams.


Ryan Coughran, Project Coordinator

Ryan is incredibly organized and effective communicator. He is able to ask for help as well as delegate when needed to ensure that all events are delivered with the highest quality. As the Area Coordinator, I have utilized Ryan's skills on many occasions to lead, intervene or represent our organization and he has done so with an approach that is professional, knowledgeable and prepared. His commitment to uphold the mission and vision of Project SHARE, our expanded learning program as well as Shasta County Office of Education, is intentional and in a manner in which I am very proud, that he is part of or team.

Ryan works diligently to organize create and work closely with our two high school teams that service over 200 students each day as well as provides over 60 parent/community/student events a both sites each year. These events showcase our desire to give back to our community members and business leaders can observe the impact that the after school program is having on the growth, maturity and safekeeping of our youth.

Ryan has grown tremdously in his Project Coordinator role, specifically in his capacity of leadership. Ryan is visible, present and engages with after school and regular day staff in establishing healthy relationships. This has allowed him to have input, lead and conduct discussions surrounding staff needs and student support. On a recent occasion, I, as the Area Coordinator, could not be present to facilitate an important leadership meeting with our staff. Although I gave the option to reschedule, Ryan was eager to offer his assistance to conduct the meeting in my absence. As I followed-up after the meeting, Ryan was thorough in covering the provided material and gained the confidence of our staff in his ability to manager, guide and collaborate to meet the needs of our program, His notetaking impressed me and his ability to articulate the progress made during the meeting and next steps necessary to accomplish our goals. Project SHARE is very fortunate to have an employee such as Ryan and I am incredibly proud of the work he does to service our students, families and community.

Sean Falkner, Student-7th Grade

Without fail, Sean exhibits exceptional leadership skills by observing what needs to be done and doing it, often, without even being asked to do so. He is always respectful, kind, confident, and thoughtful to every staff member and student I have seen him interact with. He is a pure joy to have in the program.

Sean consistently helps staff on a daily basis. He is always willing to help with anything that is needed such as clean up, errands, technology set up, putting snack away, and being a good example to his peers.

Sean looks out for staff by seeing little things that need to be done such as putting snack away, cleaning up or getting ice packs for students who may need them. He demonstrates how to listen to instruction and follow rules without even seeking attention for doing so. He truly cares about others.

Kristen Morgan, Site Facilitator

Kristen is always there for us as staff and is the first person to help us! She is always taking on extra challenges just to be there as a team player for Project SHARE. Ms. Kristen is an incredible asset not only to Project SHARE at the primary school, but she stepped up the plate when our site facilitator decided to move on. She stepped in when she was needed and supported the staff and students of the elementary school as well. What a great asset she is to the Project SHARE team.

She is always the first person to be a shoulder for parent's having problems, covering our job and hers when we need help, or getting a change of clothes for a child who got muddy. She has a massive sense of compassion. Kristen has taken on roles beyond being a facilitator. Her professionalism astounds me. She truly cares about the Project SHARE families at both sites. Proud to work wither and be her friend. You rock, Ms. Kristen!

Hannah Garman, Site Liaison

Hannah is a Site Liaison that has been acting as the Site Facilitator at Anderson Middle School. She is doing an excellent job. The students at Anderson Middle are incredibly challenging and Hannah has embraced it and is making the best environment she can. Hannah has a positive outlook and is quick to solve problems. She is phenomenal with parent confrontation and conversations and has strong customer service skills. Hannah genuinely cares about her students and has managed to connect with the ones that are "shut down" or reserved. She sees the need to support children in all capacities and is quick to help. Hannah has also managed her site incredibly well. She is the Acting Facilitator that has a group of students. Most site facilitators are not in ratio, but Hannah is, and is only a Site Liaison, acting as a facilitator. The site averages 50-65 students daily and she is operating her program with substitutes. She is a strong leader by providing tools and structure for subs, so the children are safe and engaged. We are very lucky to be working with such an excellent person. I'm hoping Hannah promotes with Project SHARE as she is an amazing Site Liaison!

Hannah has exemplary leadership. She leads with a positive, outgoing, and calm nature. Hannah draws children and families in and helps other staff feel empowered. She is quick to solve problems and is excellent at delegating tasks to embrace her staffs' strengths. Hannah's leadership is incredibly natural and genuine. She seems to truly care about those she supervises including the staff and children. Numerous subs that support her site have expressed how much they appreciate Hannah's leadership and are impressed with her skills. The Principal of Anderson Middle has also expressed that Hannah is an amazing young lady doing an excellent job. She is such a strong leader and I'm blessed to have her on my team. She deserves an award.

Jennifer Godbout, Project Coordinator

Jennifer is an exceptional employee with incredible skills. Honestly, I have never met someone like her. She is the hardest worker I know. Jennifer has the ability to put children first in everything she does. She has been running a challenging middle school site this year and managing to help new staff have a solid onboarding experience and training. Jennifer has also been exceptional with helping the leadership implement behavioral plans at sites and building consistency. She comes in early and stays late. Jennifer has also managed events like the Family Fun Fest, Color Runs, and Family Nights at sites. She also was the main support in the large events that served 200 or more children, like recreational basketball, the Turkey Trot, the Winter Recital, and the Spring Recital. She is quick to solve problems and always has a positive attitude. Jennifer is the person you want on your team. She literally is somebody who makes things happen. Project SHARE seriously is in debt to Jennifer and her incredible dedication and hard work.

Jennifer is willing to give her all in everything she does. She gives generously, selflessly, and ask nothing back in return. She is always cordial and willing to help coworkers, students, and clients. She's enthusiastic and displays positive feedback.

Jennifer has outstanding performance. Project SHARE has an incredibly challenging middle school site. The students are quick to disrupt program consistency with their negative behaviors. Jennifer has stepped in to lead the program, since it could not maintain consistent leadership (three changes in one year). She became that consistent person for the students, school site, and program. The students needed structure and a routine. She provided that and they improved. Jennifer also, managed to onboard new staff at other sites during this time. She trained 12 new hires this year alone and continues to offer follow up classroom management tips and shadowing. She works early and stays late. Jennifer also, commits Saturdays to the recreational basketball league, dance recitals, Family Fun Fest, and Robotics. She has single handedly organized supplies and classrooms for sites. What sets Jennifer apart from most is her "can do" attitude. She is willing to do anything and everything that benefits children and staff in Project SHARE. Jennifer is seriously an incredibly valuable asset to the program she rises above all with her work ethic an I'm so thankful she is a part of our team!

Karina Haught-Steele, Site Facilitator

Karina is usually the first at school in the morning and the last to go home at night. She is a listening ear to many children who are drawn to her safe and comforting demeanor. She has an easy laugh and a kind smile for all students, even the most difficult. She is a fair and wise counselor to children in conflicts. I have often observed Karina going out of her way to "make their day" for children who need extra encouragement or counsel. Karina has a way about her that makes students feel safe. She has a level head, does not worry, complain or otherwise become unglued. She is positive and expects the best from all her students. She was exceptionally patient with me as she trained me. She supported me in trying new activities and classroom procedures.

Karina has overseen one of our rural programs at Igo-Ono Elementary for the past two years. Karna's "home site," Igo, runs exceptionally smoothly and maintains a schedule with a variety of highly engaging activities each and every day. Karina has advocated strongly for her program, and currently has 100% of the students that attend both enrolled in program and attending regularly! She has earned the respect of the regular day staff, the after school staff, and especially the families that this program serves.

This year, in addition, she took on an additional far rural site, Castle Rock Elementary. When asked to help out sites that are a 45-plus minute drive, she went willingly and without complaint. At Castle Rock we had a new staff member. Karina worked very hard to ensure that this site, which is well over an hour away from our Shasta COE office and nearly an hour and a half from her home site, was well-supported and had adequate staffing, training, and materials. She quickly formed bonds with students and the regular day staff. When we lost the single staff member for this site, she rearranged her schedule and served the students two days per week herself, so that they didn't completely lose out on the Project SHARE after school experience and opportunities. What an example of selflessness!

Karina models caring and support in an exemplary manner! She is always warm, positive and genuine with everyone regardless of age or status that she interacts with. The families at Igo speak fondly of her, and have great respect for and trust in her care of their children.


Amy Morales, Administrative Program Assistant

As a first-year facilitator, Amy's support was so appreciated. At the beginning of the school year Amy spent hours teaching me how to set up my classes and schedules in the computer. This dedication did not stop after the first year. Amy is always willing to take the time out of her busy day to walk you through computer programs, reports, or anything you need help with.

Amy is always the cheery voice on the other end of the phone offering help or advice or the friendly email reminding you of important events and deadlines. Despite many changes in the office over the years, Amy is the constant-offering her patience, kindness and expertise we all depend on. SHARE is exceedingly lucky to have Amy Morales.

Amy is the glue that holds the sites and the programs together. She handles all the "behind the scenes" tasks and reports that are essential to keeping the program running safely and smoothly. She is eager and willing to do whatever is necessary to ensure program quality and will even head out to a site and "sub" if that is what the program needs.

Amy truly cares about the Project SHARE after school program, the families and students that we serve, and the staff that work together. She loves being part of a team, and is always willing to learn new things. I have been especially impressed this year by Amy's eagerness to step outside of her comfort zone to learn new things. She has shown a great amount of personal and professional growth this year, and that says a lot about her character, especially as she was already outstanding at her job.

Cindy Silva-Academic Liaison/Teacher

Cindy often helps during our homework time, taking some of the children ho have difficult behaviors during this time. She also teachers a science class every Friday after school. The kids have made 3-D models of the earth, made rockets, volcanoes, kites, slime, dinosaur eggs and many other hands-on and very messy projects.

Cindy stays at school usually until the last Project SHARE staff locks up. During these prep hours, she always makes herself available for extra homework help. She is consistent in her behavior management techniques and follow-throughs. She teachers four grades and many of the children are on IEPs adding the need for an extra dimension of expertise. Her lessons are captivating for her wide age range of students. She is extremely patient and caring with each child.

Olivia Swanson, Teen SHARE

This young lady immediately jumped in with an air of purpose and authenticity, and has made herself a vital part of the after school program at Bella Vista Elementary.

Olivia is always busy and consistently makes the best use of her time. She willingly assists the other staff and her work is exemplary. She is able to lead a group of students in an activity as well as or better than many adults. The students, families and staff love and appreciate her.

Merriell Tuttle, Community Volunteer

Merriell has volunteered many hours to help the Chrysalis Project SHARE program. Before the year began, she came and helped us move and organize our new space. She helped set up, clean, and run the face painting booth at the Lights ON event as well as on Halloween. At the beginning of March, she spent three hours cleaning and organizing the Makerspace.

Merriell shows caring and support by giving her time and effort without asking anything in return. She wants to make sure we have support for events and a safe, organized classroom for our students.

Honorable Mention

Samantha Martinez, Site Liaison

Kelsey Moore, Program Leader

Kathleen Sackett, Custodian

Cynthia Vengley, Area Coordinator