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Work With Us

If you are interested in working for Project SHARE, please visit and choose 'Site Facilitator or Site Liaison- Project SHARE'.

We are hiring for the following sites:

*Fall River
*Meadow Lane
*North Cottonwood (3)
*West Cottonwood Jr. High


Volunteer With Us

Our programs count on the support of volunteers and we welcome help. The following documents provide information about how you can obtain clearance to work with students during after school hours.

If you have questions, contact your site facilitator, or our office at 245-7830.

Volunteer Application

Volunteer Clearance Requirements for Contractors/Volunteers

Volunteer Superintendent Policy

Volunteer Administrative Regulation

Volunteer Sign-In/Sign-Out Sheet


Our project, as a direct grant, has been fully funded for nine years. Each school receives funding for a specific amount of student attendance, established by student enrollment. In the future, our programs will need to sustain operations, avoid closures and maintain resources at all of our programs.

We are very proud of the services students are receiving, even in our rural schools and you can help by immediately making a contribution. All funding generated will be placed in the sustainability fund for the purpose of maintaining base program services at sites providing viable after school programs to students, yet not generating enough state funding for maintenance of minimal operational costs.

All contributions directly support youth development, enrichment activities and family literacy. Anything you can do will be greatly appreciated and will help us along the path of maintaining programs. Please make a contribution today.