Collage of students participating in recreation activities


Numerous programs offer instructional recreation leagues for a more competitive environment.

The recreational activities that can be provided are: Cross Country League and running clubs with a 5K goal, basketball league collaborating with local Parks and Recreation, and site specific instructional flag football program.

Visual & Performing Arts

Project SHARE provides instructional art daily. Programs may teach students a variety of dance including: lyrical, hip hop, ballroom, ballet, and freestyle. Many programs also offer drama/theatre and choir. Students involved in these activities perform once or twice a year in a winter and/or spring performance.

Many programs also offer video production, pottery, ceramics, drawing, and painting activities.

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Structured Physical Activity

Project SHARE provides recreation activities throughout the school year for both the competitive and non-competitive students. Every program offers physical education daily and utilizes Sparks, Catch, or Skillastics Curriculum.