Alternative Education

Shasta County Office of Education provides support and services for students in court schools. Incarcerated youth receive support in the the Shasta County Juvenile Court School. Services include a general education teacher, part-time support from a Resource Specialist to ensure students’ IEP goals and services are met and from 2 para-educators to ensure a low staff to student ratio. Individualized programs are developed and students have the opportunity to participate in Shasta-Trinity ROP courses. All students have access to a wide variety of educational technology and online applications for credit advancement or recovery.

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Mary Lord - Director of Alternative Education
Phone: 530-225-0163


Independent Study

Shasta County Independent Study (SCIS) is an alternative to conventional educational settings, allowing students to complete coursework independently under the supervision of a credentialed teacher. Students meet individually with an assigned teacher a minimum of one time per week. SCIS is voluntary and provides the flexibility to meet students’ specific needs, interests and learning styles. Our Independent Study teachers utilize State and district-adopted curriculum to insure students meet or exceed California graduation requirements. Instruction is offered at two locations in Redding—one on the Shasta College campus, the other at 3711 Oasis Road.







Mary Lord - Director of Independent Study
Phone: 530-225-0163

Fax: 530-225-0250

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Local Control Accountability Program Goals

College and Career
Career Coach
Individual Learning
Common Core Alignment
Teacher Effectiveness

Expelled Youth
District Coordination
County-Wide Plan

ROP Classes
Work Study
Counseling Services
Attendance Monitoring

Alternative Education

To develop educated, socially responsible citizens.

Our Vision

A safe, caring supportive environment where academic and behavioral excellence is achieved through respect and cooperation among staff, students and parents/guardians.

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Accountability & Accreditation
Our Beliefs
  • We believe that all students in our community school will graduate from high school prepared to obtain a high-skilled, high wage career.
  • We believe that students need to be prepared for to real world occupations and careers, including having the opportunity to earn certifications and college credits while in high school.
  • We believe that students in an alternative program benefit from individualized instruction that allows for a program designed for their individual needs and one-on-one or small group interaction with an instructor.
  • We believe that making learning relevant to students will results in greater engagement in the educational process.
  • We believe that using instructional technology to provide access to course materials enhances student’s ability to be self-directed and to assume responsibility for their progress towards graduation.

Independent Study Charter Mission

To develop educated, socially responsible citizens.

Our Vision

Shasta County Independent Study Charter School offers flexible options for personalized/diverse learning to prepare students for college and career readiness.

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Educational Opportunities