Our Partners

The SARB process has continued to be effective due to the commitment of the people involved at all levels.

  • District Attorney, Stephen Carlton supports all efforts of truancy abatement and continues to provide direction and support.
  • Juvenile Probation serves on the local SARB panels and also monitors students who are on informal probation due to SARB process.
  • Redding Police Department and Shasta County Sheriff’s office participate in the retention of school resource officers who work with districts to prevent truancy and are frequently called on to deliver important SARB documents to parents who fail to appear at SARB hearings.
  • SCOE's Truancy Prosecution Specialist works in collaboration with the DA’s office to determine which cases will be brought to court. In addition, the Specialist sits on many local SARBs, answers questions from attendance clerks, and works diligently to get students back in school.
  • Shasta County Department of Social Services employees serve on many SARB panels bringing their perspectives of family dynamics and the impact this could have on regular school attendance.