Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services





Services for Deaf & Hard of Hearing Students

The DHH program provides support and special interventions for students who have various degrees of hearing loss but are able to benefit educationally from full time placement in the mainstream setting of their neighborhood schools. Credentialed teachers work closely with the audiologist, parents, school support staff, and other professionals and agencies to meet the needs of the student who is deaf or hard of hearing. They also provide assistance to school faculty/staff through staff development/in-service activities, conferences with school staff, co-teaching, and participation in IEP teams.




Services Provided
  • Full Immersion classroom at Shasta Lake School
  • Remediation of Language Development
  • Collaboration with classroom teachers
  • Trouble-shooting hearing aids
  • FM Systems
  • Auditory training
  • Speech reading skills
  • Classroom modifications or accommodations
  • Other areas as dictated by each student’s IEP goals.
Educational Interpreter and Communication Facilitator Support

In collaboration with Shasta County’s “Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA),” our region offers the “Communication Professional Development Center (CPDC).” The CPDC offers professional development opportunites geared towards educational interpreting; housing a media library for on-site use and stocked with equipment for self-assessment of interpreting skills. It also supports our communication facilitator staff who provide students with additional support through tutoring and Deaf mentorship.

A conference room adjoins the CPDC library and is available to SCOE educational Interpreting and communication facilitating staff to schedule both distance and local professional development trainings.

The CPDC's goal is to achieve "Educational Interpreter Certification" through professional development. Both educational interpreters and communication facilitators engage in professional development activities at the CPDC.