Profile-Elizabeth "Buffy" Tanner

Portrait of Elizabeth "Buffy" Tanner

Growing up in Redding, I attended Shasta Elementary, NOVA, and Shasta High. I left Redding in 1987 to earn my Bachelor’s at UC Davis.  I returned to the Far North State in 2003 to work with the UC Davis Educational Talent Search/College OPTIONS program and help encourage middle and high school students plan their education beyond high school.  In 2016, I started working at Shasta College to support adults returning to college for an Associate or Bachelor’s degree. It is my firm belief that every student should be encouraged to prepare for higher education, so that she or he may have the full array of post-secondary education and training choices before her or him.  If they don’t attend college right after high school, we have terrific options for them to re-enter education as a working adult. Shasta County has amazing schools at all levels, and I’m proud to support students of all ages who are working toward their educational and career goals. It’s never too early to plan, and it’s never too late to start.