Profile-Jennifer Snider

I want to serve on the Board of Education because I see it as a way to be of service to the community in a way that I’m passionate about. I’m a public health professional who’s spent most of my career, in one way or another, engaged in efforts to build and improve the overall health of children and families in Shasta County.

Academic achievement, or educational attainment, is linked with lifelong health and wellness in a community. Over the years, I’ve become especially interested in improving educational outcomes as a means to improve community health. I’m specifically passionate about the connections of early literacy skills, third grade reading scores, and the impact of the achievement gap on our community’s high school graduation rates and college and career readiness.

Shasta County is the place my family and I call home. It’s our community. And I care about the health of our community. As a member of the Shasta County Board of Education, I want to do my part to ensure all Shasta County children continue to have access to high quality education and innovative opportunities that improve educational outcomes for everyone. This leads to healthier students and families and ultimately a healthier more robust and thriving community.