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News: Researcher offers high praise for Shasta County education

A worldwide expert in education sent a researcher to Shasta County as part of an effort to study promising or groundbreaking work being done in California to enhance the learning experience and wellbeing of adolescents. The researcher visited eight school sites throughout the county, then listened to panel presentations by Shasta County Office of Education staff on Community Schools, Community Connect, homeless education, foster youth, literacy, Science of Hope, a Golden Bell-winning matriculation project with Shasta College, Positive Behavior Intervention Systems, CalHOPE, substance use prevention, American Indian Advisory, and Reach Higher Shasta. The biggest compliment came in the researcher’s comments including this note: "Thanks so much for the generosity and care with which you and your team prepared, coordinated, and executed a deep, inspiring immersion into some of the most powerful systemwide work that I've seen over the past few years."

Shasta County Schools Superintendent Judy Flores said, "Matching our time, our approach, and our areas of focus to the needs that exist truly do bring about significant impact."

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