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Rebecca Lewis - Project Director

The Project Director plays an active role in the development of the content for the Academies as well as in the delivery of the content alongside the IHE faculty. Rebecca has experience as a project director and K-2 mathematics teacher.

photo of Shani Golovay
Shani Golovay

Shani teaches Chemistry, Botany, General Biology, Ecology, and Human Physiology for Simpson University. Her wide ranging expertise will allow the continuity of a single science professor over the course of the three years of the grant. Professor Golovay will make application between the disciplines of science, helping teachers understand how the sciences are truly interwoven within single investigations and experiences. Shani will provide training throughout the Professional Learning Academies each year.

Harold Lund

Harold teaches the Mathematical Concepts for Teachers courses which have at their base mathematical conceptual development. Harold has 40 years of experience in modeling, having a variety of ways to solve problems, and working with pre-service teachers. Harold will provide training throughout the Professional Learning Academies each year.

photo of Tom Martin
Tom Martin

Dr. Tom Martin is a full-time faculty at Shasta College in Redding, CA and teaches IT, Robotics and Manufacturing courses. Tom teaches online in the MBA Program for National University and also owns a small high-tech interactive entertainment company based here in Redding. Tom’s company,, designs and manufactures their products here in Redding and has units in eight countries and many in the U.S.

photo of Linda Shumate
Linda Shumate

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Year 1 Videos

Make-up Video Instructions

Technology Training

Welcome & Gmail Intro


Google Calendar

Google Drive

March 8, 2016 Spring Content Day

October 29, 2015 Fall Content Day

CMK2 Welcome Oct 2015

CMK2 Google Photos and Slides Oct 2015

CMK2 Golly Oct 2015

CMK2 Science Talks Oct 2015

CMK2 Terrarium Investigation Oct 2015

CMK2 STEM Talk Oct 2015

CMK2 Algebraic Thinking Oct 2015

CMK2 Google Slide Team Presentations Oct 2015

2015 Summer Institute Day 1

Day 1: What is Technology

Number Talk

Google Forms

Tech Tools


2015 Summer Institute Day 2

Day 2: Welcome

Inspired by Nature

Building a Rekenrek

Donors Choose

NGSS Structure

Bones in the Hand

Classroom Discourse

Give Me a Hand

Base 5

Stitch Up

2015 Summer Institute Day 3

Day 3: Welcome

Seed Distribution - Seeds on the Move


Camera Tech

Number Words

Number Talk Homework

Game of SETS


Fly Away Seed

2015 Summer Institute Day 4


Nim Game

Number Talks - What is a String

Lesson Study


Nim Ecology



Tree Homes

Wrap Up

2015 Summer Institute Day 5

Day 5: Welcome

Math Games

Patterns in Nature

Build It Collaboration

Glitter Dice



Wrap Up

K-2 Lessons


Engineering a spider web lesson

Penguins/ice lesson

Exploration of sounds stations lesson

What do neighborhoods need? lesson
Force and motion lesson

5 Senses lesson

Building tall structures lesson

Mouse shelter lesson

Too much water lesson

Predict weather with clouds lesson

Germs lesson

predicting weather lesson

counting objects animals need food lesson

bird beak lesson

motion and stability lesson

three little pigs engineering lesson

engineering design lesson

counting by 10s lesson

engineering a fence lesson

engineering a bridge lesson

introduction to coding lesson

predictions and sorting lesson

1st Grade

math prediction and probability lesson

engineering in the natural world lesson

animal babies lesson

Rapunzel lesson

scientific method lesson

novel engineering lesson

build a puff car lesson

catapult engineering lesson

cup holder engineering lesson

sound waves lesson

who sank the boat lesson

engineering an animal enclosure lesson

different ways to make 10 lessoncamouflage lesson

making shadows lesson

engineer a spider web lesson

animal groups lesson

2nd Grade

toothpick tower lesson

volcanoes lessonbuild a floating iceberg lessonopinion writing and qr codes lessonforce catapult lesson

push pull motion and magnets lesson

apple variety lessonflooding lessonerosion lessonengineering a cargo ship lesson

land erosion and drinking water lesson

biodiversity of animal habitats lessonbiomimicry lessonbird beak lesson

place value lesson

questioning lessonbodies of water lesson

seed dispersal lessonengineering design process lesson

catapult lesson

germs lesson

seed dispersal lessonapples lessonengineer a train car lesson

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