NorthState Secondary STEM Partnership

Our Mission

Provide engaging and relevant professional learning that enables participants to be imaginative and courageous implementers of integrated STEM content. We will model STEM pedagogy, including cross-discipline collaboration, to empower participants to create inspiring STEM learning resources. All students deserve an opportunity to fall in love with STEM fields in classrooms supported by confident and passionate teachers who practice in a community dedicated to sustainable effective practices of STEM education.

Project Diagram

project diagram

Core Partnership Team

Chris Dell , Project Director

Scott A. Croes,
Biology, Shasta College

Scott was the lead IHE faculty for the successful CaMSP cohort 6 SMART project. With his 4 years of experience as a middle school science teacher and over 10 years of experience teaching Biology with an emphasis on Human Anatomy/Physiology at IHEs, NSSP will benefit from his expertise.

Randy Reed,
Earth Sciences, Shasta College

Randy was also part of the IHE faculty team for the CaMSP cohort 6 SMART project. He has over 20 years of higher education experience. He has taught a diverse array of courses over this time frame including Physical Geology, Historical Geology, Ancient Life, Introduction to California Geology, Geologic Hazards, ceanography, Meteorology, Global Climate, Earth Systems science and General Earth Science.

Jennifer McCandless
Mathematics, Shasta College Chico
Jennifer McCandless has been a full-time math instructor at Shasta College for 17 years. She teaches all levels of courses ranging from Basic Math to Calculus. She also teaches Elementary Mathematics, which is a course that students take to prepare for teaching in K-8. Jennifer also served on two separate three-year math grants (SCMP and SCMP2) as an IHE instructor. The second grant is just ending which is why she is able to join us as an IHE instructor in year 2 of the NSSP grant. She is excited for this new opportunity to support STEM education at Shasta College and in the North State.

Jenny Heath
Chemistry, College of the Siskiyou
Jenny Heath is a chemistry instructor at College of the Siskiyous in northern California. She has a passion for promoting STEM education and joins the NSSP as a member of the PD team.

David Pierce
Professor of Physics, Independent Professional Developer
David is currently not teaching at a university, but was a former adjunct professor of Simpson University. His rich experience as an Engineer for the US Navy will enhance our real world connections in the professional learning and integrated units of instruction.

Tom Martin
Technology, Shasta College
Dr. Tom Martin is a full-time faculty at Shasta College in Redding, CA and teaches IT, Robotics and Manufacturing courses. Tom teaches online in the MBA Program for National University and also owns a small high-tech interactive entertainment company based here in Redding. Tom’s company,, designs and manufactures their products here in Redding and has units in eight countries and many in the U.S.

Marian Murphy-Shaw, Project Coordinator
Director of Student Services, Siskiyou County Office of Ed.
Marian has provided expertise with science and math pedagogical content coaching and facilitation of lesson study for previous Region 2 CaMSP projects. She has informed the region in K-12 science and NGSS as the CISC Science Subcommittee lead for Region 2.

Rita Nutsch, Project Coordinator
Mathematics Coordinator, Glenn County Office of Ed.
With a M.S. in Math education, 23 years of experience as a middle school math teacher and 15 years of experience as an instructor for Butte Community College, Rita will provide K-12 expertise with math Pedagogical Content and inform the work of the intensive professional development.

Nathan Fairchild, Project Coordinator
Science Coordinator, Shasta County Office of Ed.

Nathan taught science, math, and technology for over 20 years in the classroom. He has also worked in other science environments such as national parks, residential science camps, and nature centers. He has a Masters of Science Education and has been one the California nominees for the Presidential Award for Excellence in Math and Science twice.

Sherry Rodgers, Project Coordinator
Mathematics Coordinator, Shasta County Office of Ed.

With a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, 17 years of experience as a high school math teacher, and 10 years experience working with five different CaMSP grants, Sherry brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in math professional development. Over the last three years she has been instrumental in informing and training Region 2 teachers on the California Common Core Math Standards.

Brian Lindaman
Math Education, Chico State

Brian has been a faculty member in math education at Chico State for the past two years. Brian has had a longtime interest in working with teachers; he has worked on Math Science Partnership projects in four states. He is also the Principal Investigator on iSTEM, a project serving K-6 teachers in Butte County, and is a co-director of the Chico State Math Project program.

Regional Collaborative Team


Joe Wyse, Superintendent/PresidentShasta College - IHE
Debra E. Barger, Dean, Regional and Continuing EducationCalifornia State University, Chico - IHE
Dr. Bryan Caples, SuperintendentCollege of the Siskiyous – IHE
Glee Brooks, ED.D., Dean of EducationSimpson University – IHE
Christopher G. Dell, Director, K-12 Mathematics & TechnologShasta County Office of Education
Dr. Christopher Yakes, Professor of Mathematics,California State University, Chico
Scott Gordon, Instructor of Business, Accounting, and ComputersShasta College
Marian Murphy-Shaw, Director of Student ServicesSiskiyou County Office of Education
Randy Reed, Earth Sciences FacultyShasta College
Michael Read, Physics and Engineering InstructorCollege of the Siskiyous
Rita M. Nutsch, Mathematics CoordinatorGlenn County Office of Education
Scott A. Croes, Biology InstructorShasta College
David D. Pierce, Ph.D., Adjunct Professor of PhysicsSimpson University
Catherine AP LowCatherine AP Low, Structural Engineer
Pamela Ikuta, DO, Emergency PhysicianCEP America, Emergency Physician Partners
Buffy Tanner, Associate DirectorCOLLEGE OPTIONS and GEAR UP
Cherie Montague, Project ManagerCRITIGEN, Geographic Information Systems Practice
John Bulinski, District 2 DirectorDepartment of Transportation (CALTrans)
Jennifer Sadler, Human Resources ManagerE2 Consulting Engineers, Inc.
Mark Moore, CEOMembers 1st Credit Union
Debbie K. Schoenthaler, Executive DirectorNorth Valley Medical Association
Fred A. Lucero, Principal EngineerPACE Engineering
Dr. Kate Mahar, Chair of Reach Higher Shasta Executive TeamReach Higher Shasta Initiative
Laura Redwine, CPA and JessicaRedwine & Tegerstrand, Certified Public
Tegerstrand, CPAAccountants
Lori McNeill, PresidentShasta Cascade Section of the Society of Women Engineers
Debra Lucero, Executive Director, SCACShasta County Arts Council, Three Community Access Television Channels
Karen Hoyt, Marketing DirectorShasta Regional Medical Center
Lee W. Salter, President and CEOThe McConnell Foundation, Non-Profit Organization
James E. Theimer, A.I.A.TRILOGY Architecture, Urban Design, Research
Michael Warren, CEOTurtle Bay Exploration Park
Jim F. Milestone, SuperintendentUnited States Department of the Interior, National Park Service
Kimberly Wilkes, Operations ManagerVESTRA, GIS Environmental, & Engineering Services
Tim Azevedo, SuperintendentAnderson Union High School District
Tim Azevedo, SuperintendentAnderson New Technology High (Charter)
Charlie Hoffman, SuperintendentBella Vista Elementary School District
Stacie L. Moore, SuperintendentCastle Rock Union Elementary School District
Clay Ross, SuperintendentColumbia School District
Marilyn Myrick, SuperintendentDouglas City Elementary School District
Helen Herd, SuperintendentDunsmuir Elementary School District
Ray Kellar, PrincipalDunsmuir Joint Union High School District
Cheryl Olson, Asst. SuperintendentEnterprise Elementary School District
Greg Hawkins, SuperintendentFall River Joint Unified School District
James M. Harrell, SuperintendentGateway Unified School District
Shirley Diaz, Deputy Superintendent, Educational ServicesGlenn County Office of Education
Mike Freeman, Principal/SuperintendentGrant Elementary School District
Charles Tracy, SuperintendentHamilton Unified School District
Janet Tufts, SuperintendentHappy Valley Union School District
Deidra Hoffman, SuperintendentJunction Elementary School District
Nikol Baker, Superintendent/PrincipalLake Elementary School District
Gary C. Lampella, SuperintendentMontague Elementary School District
Jeff Harris, SuperintendentNorth Cow Creek Elementary School District
John Husome, Principal/ SuperintendentNorth Woods Discovery School (Charter)
Chris von Kleist, SuperintendentOrland Joint Unified School District
Cody M. Walker, K-12 PrincipalPrinceton Joint Unified School District
Dr. Rick Fauss, SuperintendentRedding School District
Jean Hatch, Co-DirectorRedding School of the Arts II (Charter)
Dr. Bryan Caples, SuperintendentScott Valley Unified School District
Doreen Fuller, Director of Student ServicesShasta County Office of Education
Heidi Gerig, PrincipalShasta Union Elementary School District
Jim Cloney, SuperintendentShasta Union High School District
Kermith R. Walters, SuperintendentSiskiyou County Office of Education
Mike Matheson, SuperintendentSiskiyou Union High School District
Tom Barnett, SuperintendentTrinity Alps Unified School District
Sarah Supahan, Assistant SuperintendentTrinity County Office of Education
Kathy Malain, Superintendent/PrincipalUniversity Preparatory School (Charter)
Mark Greenfield, SuperintendentYreka Union High School District
Dave Parsons, SuperintendentYreka Union School District

Participating LEAs

One of the goals of North State STEM is to strengthen quality of and expand access to STEM education and resources across Northern California’s PK-16 formal and informal educational institutions. The official Notification of Intent to Award has been posted and SCOE is a recipient of $500,000 per year for three years to complete this work. Under the leadership of Chris Dell, over 40 teachers from 20 districts in Shasta, Glenn, Siskiyou and Trinity counties will work with a SCOE Instructional Services coordinators and a team of professors from CSU Chico, Shasta College and College of the Siskiyous to gain STEM pedagogical content knowledge, instructional practices and curriculum development.


STEM Units

Year 1 Videos

2014 Summer Institute - Day 1

Session 1: Welcome & Introductions

Session 2: Practice Standards

Session 3: Introduction to Radiometers

Material List for Introduction to Radiometers

Session 4: How Sun Works

Session 5: Reflection and Homework

2014 Summer Institute - Day 2

Session 2: Radiometer Investigation

Material List for Radiometer Investigation

Session 3: Graphing With Desmos

Session 4: Systems, Modeling & The Atmosphere

Session 5: Windmill Investigation

Material List for Windmill Investigation

Session 6: Reflection and Homework

Material List for Reflection and Homework

2014 Summer Institute - Day 3

Session 2: What Drives The Radiometer

Session 3: Making Connections

Session 4: What Is Engineering?

Material List for What Is Engineering?

Session 5: Using The Analogy Organizer

Session 6: Almond Power

Material List for Almond Power

Session 7: Tape Diagrams

Reflection and Homework

2014 Summer Institute - Day 4

Session 2: Cellular Respiration Part 1

Session 3: Cellular Respiration Part 2 Mice & Math

Reflection and Homework

2014 Summer Institute - Day 5

Session 2: Box Plots

Session 3: Solar Power Consumption Estimation

Session 4: Solar Power Exploration

Session 5: Photovoltaic

Material List for Photovoltaic

Session 6: Solar Power Consumption Statistics

Session 7: Solar Power Wrap Up

Week In Review

Reflection and Homework

Fall Content Day - 10/17/14

Setting the Stage

Tech Session

High School Math

Middle School Math

Middle School Science

High School Science

Bringing it all together "The Wrap Up"

Content Day - 01/16/15

Middle School Math Session

High School Math Session

Middle and High School Science Session

Wrap-up and making connections Session

Content Day 03/27/15


High School Math

Middle School Math

HS & MS Engineering

HS & MS Science


Year 2 Videos

2015 Summer Institute - Day 1

Session 1: Introduction & Big Question SU 2015

Session 2:Handling Pressure SU 2015

Session 3: Homework & Stitch Up SU 2015

2015 Summer Institute - Day 2

Welcome SU 2015

What’s Technology

Prezi SU 2015

YouTube SU 2015

Generating Oxygen Part 1

Generating Oxygen Part 2

Homework SU 2015

2015 Summer Institute - Day 3

Stitch Up From Day 2 SU 2015

Welcome SU 2015

Engineering a Rover SU 2015

Rescue Rover SU 2015

Collaborative Learning SU 2015

Bone Density SU 2015

Wrap Up SU 2015

2015 Summer Institute - Day 4

Welcome SU 2015

Classroom Discourse SU 2015

SETI Part 1 SU 2015

SETI Part 2 SU 2015

Stitch Up & Homework SU 2015

2015 Summer Institute - Day 5

Day 5: Welcome SU 2015

Collaborative Learning Unit Study SU 2015

Donors Choose SU 2015

Eco in a Jar SU 2015

Wrap Up SU 2015

Fall Content Day - 10/09/16

NSSP Welcome Oct 2015

NSSP Robotics Rover Oct 2015

NSSP NXT Coding Oct 2015

NSSP Hour of Coding Oct 2015

NSSP Lesson Idea Oct 2015

NSSP Wrap Up Oct 2015

Winter Content Day - 01/15/16


Math Book Discussion

Science Book Discussion

Wave Calculations


Career Connections

Earthquake Engineering Part 1

Earthquake Engineering Part 2

Spring Content Day - 03/18/16


Google Classroom



Collision Forces


Unit Study Team Interviews

Team 1

Team 2

Team 3

Team 4

Team 5

Team 7

Team 8

Team 9

Team 10

Team 12

Team 13

Team 14

Team 15

Team 17

Year 3 Videos

Fall Content Day

September 2016 Fall Content Day

NSSP Welcome Sept 2016 from CER on Vimeo.

NSSP Advanced Manufacturing Sept 2016 from CER on Vimeo.

NSSP Spatial Reasoning Sep 2016 from CER on Vimeo.

NSSP CAD Sep 2016 from CER on Vimeo.

Winter Content Day

NSSP Welcome Jan 2017 from CER on Vimeo.

NSSP Catching the Wave Jan 2017 from CER on Vimeo.

NSSP Ear Structure Jan 2017 from CER on Vimeo.

NSSP 3-Act Task Jan 2017 from CER on Vimeo.

NSSP Music & Math Jan 2017 from CER on Vimeo.

NSSP Growth Patterns Jan 2017 from CER on Vimeo.

Spring Content Day

NSSP Welcome Mar 2017 from CER on Vimeo.

NSSP Fire Science Mar 2017 from CER on Vimeo.

NSSP Fire Math-Tech Mar 2017 from CER on Vimeo.

NSSP Fire Brigade Mar 2017 from CER on Vimeo.

NSSP Reflection Mar 2017 from CER on Vimeo.

NSSP Reflection Mar 2017 from CER on Vimeo.

STEM Events

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