STEM Committees

Beyond the Classroom

High-quality science learning, both inside and outside the traditional classroom, is critical to young people's success. North State STEM can draw on many resources to provide rigorous, interdisciplinary, hands-on STEM education in schools, after-school programs, community organizations, parks, and other venues. This committee will explore how to expand these opportunities for all students by highlighting existing great STEM practices, reaching beyond the student to engage parents and families throughout Shasta County and our region and by collaborating to increase these practices.




Austin PrellerProject Coordinator, Shasta COE Project Share
Laurinda WillardEducation & Programs Manager, Turtle Bay Exploration Park
Lana HillChemist

Career Day

Provide an opportunity for students, parents, and teachers foster awareness of career opportunities in STEM-related fields and to dive into hands-on, “minds-on” STEM activities. For businesses and organizations, STEM focused career day also provides an ideal setting for local industry leaders to network, engage attendees in discussion, expose students to the different STEM related careers and vocations, and learn more about the latest STEM initiatives throughout Shasta County and beyond.

This county-wide event is being planned to focus our business community's support and resources on encouraging North State students to prepare for and pursue career opportunitites in STEM fields. "Ignite Opportunity" will be a one-day event. Founded by SCOE and the North State STEM Career Day Committee volunteers, this event is open to all 9th grade students in Shasta County. Regardless of their specific interests, your students will benefit from this action packed day of:

-dynamic, engaging presentations from professionals working in STEM fields in the North State

- real-world anecdotes and advice about the educational paths to STEM career opportunities in our area and beyond

-direct access to and interaction with local professionals and college students

-tools to help them plan and prepare for work, post secondary education and more!


Heather Kelnhofer
DSN of Agriculture, Shasta College

Lori McNeill
President, Society of Women Engineers

Ashley Kellogg

Programs & Pathways

For STEM education to truly make a difference for our Shasta County youth it needs to be integrated throughout their educational careers. There are several exciting STEM programs and activities currently taking place in Shasta County. This committee will work on creating STEM opportunities for students throughout the K-16 system by highlighting local best practices and learning from our California partners. The goal of this committee will be to create a countywide framework that ensures the implementation of effective practices and a seamless path of STEM education from elementary school through college.


Brian Grigsby
Science Teacher, Shasta High School

Kim McKenzie
Director of Administrator Services, SCOE

Rick Osbrink
DSN for Advanced Manufacturing,
Shasta College

David Ewart
Teacher, Academy of Personal Learning