Holly Jones - 2018 Elementary School Teacher of the Year

Holly Jones
Boulder Creek Elementary

"Holly knows the value of positive relationships with all school community members. It all begins with her smile. Even during the most stressful times of the year, Holly knows what a difference a smile can make. She could not wait to be trained in Capturing Kids Hearts, as she is a lifelong learner who constantly wants to increase her repertoire of relationship building skills despite the fact that she already has a strong skill set. She greets every student, parent, and staff member at the door, in the hallway, and/or in the parking lot each and every day. This is how Holly grabs the heart of others and pulls them into her classroom where a world of learning and fun awaits. Holly pays particular attention to each and every one of her students' individual social and emotional needs in order to achieve the desired environment for academic achievement to take place. She brings her students' parents/guardians on board by creating the same safe, at-ease relationships with them, and she provides them with constant communication about the progress of their child. For these reasons and so many others, Holly is one of the most requested teachers at Boulder Creek School.

During Holly Jones' 16-year tenure, she has proven to be a team player. This is definitely a necessity at K-8 schools as many factors contribute to the health and climate of the school. Through the years, Holly has taught Kindergarten, first, second, fifth, and sixth grades. Her versatility and experiences have given her a global view that has positively impacted our school in many great ways. For example, Holly has taken on the administrative duty of planning, organizing, and implementing our school's first ever Family Literacy Night. We are a school of 1000 students, so this task is not for the faint of heart. Holly jumped at the challenge! The overwhelming amount of positive feedback from parents, students, and staff proved to the event's success, and it will become an annual literacy celebration for years to come because of Holly.

I could go on for pages about Holly Jones, but I will conclude by saying that I am blessed to have such an incredible teacher and person serving the children and families of Boulder Creek School."

~ Tina Croes, Principal, Boulder Creek Elementary