Annette Gaddy - 2019 Shasta County Elementary School Teacher of the Year

Annette Gaddy
Millville Elementary



"Annette is a lifelong Shasta County resident.  She was raised in a family where education was considered essential and paramount to every person's success.  Annette's husband is also a teacher, as is her sister.  The philosophy of "education first" is a huge part of who she is, not only of what she does for a living.

From the first day, we knew that Annette was someone special.  She impressed me with her natural and innate abilities in front of a classroom.  Watching her teach now, she continues to impress.  There is a fearlessness in trying new approaches to teaching, honesty with her students, constant checking for understanding during a lesson, and superb use of her room.  Being so accessible, and aware of her students' learning, she is immediately available to her students, and that in itself, makes her an exceptional instructor.

In addition to being a superior teacher, Annette is also an athlete, coach and Athletic Director.  She runs the Athletic Department with the same energy she manages her class.  In her classroom, and on the court, she teaches life lessons as well as math lessons.  Her sports experience comes through in her philosophy of teaching: try hard, if something gets in your way, try harder, and never, never give up!  Yes, she will acknowledge to a student or athlete, working hard can be a challenge, but the benefits far outweigh the difficulties.  When students are successful, on the field and in the classroom, she wants them to pay close attention to that feeling of success; it's this feeling Annette Gaddy wants the students to remember and for which she reminds them to continue to reach.

The high expectations she has of her students bring out the best in each of them; yet it's the relationship she builds with them that makes her beloved and one of those teachers kids remember for the rest of their lives."

~ Mindy DeSantis, Principal/Superintendent, Millville Elementary