Jennifer Marty - 2018 Middle School Teacher of the Year

Jennifer Marty
Sequoia Middle School

"It is 8:30 a.m. in the quad at Sequoia Middle School (SMS). Students are mingling and hanging out with friends. The bell rings, signaling that it is time to go to class. Ms. Marty can be found at her classroom door shaking the hand of each and every student while smiling and offering a warm welcome. Upon entering the class, students sit in their assigned group and are greeted with a class schedule on the Activboard that contains bell work, the lesson outcomes for the day, and daily announcements. While the students are engaged in the morning's learning activity, Ms. Marty quickly takes roll. Then class begins. Students are mesmerized by the positive and calm demeanor of Ms. Marty. She laughs with her students, seeing the beauty and humor of the middle school child while offering an engaging curriculum. Ms. Marty is teacher extraordinaire at teaching the minds of students as well as their hearts.

Ms. Marty's professional journey began as a music teacher in inner-city Chicago. There she shared the gift of music with prekindergarten through eighth grade students. She returned to Redding in 2010 and began substitute teaching and was hired at SMS in the fall of 2011. In the spring of 2016, Jennifer completed the Administrative Tier I program through Shasta County Office of Education. Her most recent accomplishment has been completing the Master's in Education program at National University. Ms. Marty has maintained her exceptional professional involvement at SMS while attaining these two personal growth milestones.

Ms. Marty is a pleasure to work with and is a gift to future generations. She exemplifies great teaching through her instructional practices, relationships with students, parents, and staff, and the practice of continuous improvement (through personal growth activities which are applied to practice through her involvement on the many committee). Ms. Marty's actions as an educator clearly state her belief that "education is not preparation for life; education is life itself" (John Dewey)."

~ Cindy Bishop, Former Principal, Sequoia Middle School