2020 Middle School Teacher of the Year

Katherine Conway
Sequoia Middle School



Albert Einstein stated, "It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge."  Katherine Conway embodies this as a music teacher.  Each day is better than the last due to her amazing attribute of self-reflection.  She is always improving her teaching by asking herself what worked and didn't work.  She reflects and then comes back the next day even better prepared to teach her students.  She is a living model of continuous improvement.  

Katherine leads the music teachers in collaborative discussions around pedagogy and meeting the individual needs of students.  This results in the music department coming up with new tools to implement to ensure the meeting of each child's needs.  For example, they came up with the idea of using Noteflight where students compose their own music.

Katherine has been a leading force in changing our school culture to be a tighter knit community with a positive feel.  She brought the idea of houses to our school.  She explained the system to the staff in collaboration.  Basically, students in different grades are placed in one of the 6 houses.  They perform activities as a house to earn house points and receive rewards.  This system is used in England and in the book "Harry Potter".  It is a system that promotes a family feel.  I am making the House system sound simple, but let me assure you, Katherine has put in may hours of preparation and presenting of her ideas.

Katherine puts in many hours improving ways to help students be successful.  She is an amazing lady that the students love!

~ John Moser, Principal, Sequoia Middle School, Redding School District