Matt Fowler - 2018 High School Teacher of the Year

Matt Fowler
Foothill High School

Selected to Compete at
State Level!

"Matt exhibits a subtle charisma or charm brought about by his passion to teach and educate students in the disciplines of Earth Science, Chemistry, and Physics which captivates students from the time they enter his class until the dismissal bell. He has a contagious enthusiasm that the students cannot ignore which simply leads to a positive learning environment for all and a student eagerness to learn about the subject being taught.

The learning does not stop at the door for the students enrolled in Mr. Fowler's classes. Matt is constantly creating opportunities for students to be involved in their science education outside the classroom. Since his first year at Foothill, he has been the Advisor to the FHS Science Club and Science Bowl teams that complete every year. In addition, he developed several field trips to places such as the Shasta Caverns, the Exploratorium, and Mt. Lassen where the students can observe scientific processes occurring in everyday events. He has also created an event here at Foothill known as "Starry Night" which is a student and family centered night observing the night skies through some high powered telescopes that he manages to borrow from multiple sources. His latest endeavor involved a six day grip to Iceland in June with his Honors Earth Science students to observe geologic events and processes.

There is no doubt that Matt Fowler is a quality teacher and has a passion to work with students in the classroom as he educates them in science concepts. He creates education opportunities for students to observe science outside the classroom and he continues to improve his curriculum for the classroom every year. It is for these reasons I believe Matt Fowler is deserving of Teacher of the Year."

~ Troy Wellington, Science Department Chair, Foothill High School