Brian Grigsby - 2019 Shasta County High School Teacher of the Year

Brian Grigsby
Shasta High School






"Brian Grigsby is a model teacher at Shasta High School.  He is very adept at connecting with students and taking them to new levels when it comes to learning and being model citizens.  He is a leader in the science department, STEM, and our medical CTE programs.  Brian works towards a common goal of educating all students and helping the teachers in these programs build their capacity to be better at what they do.

Brian has been tireless in his efforts to promote robotics for all, particularly for every student in Shasta County.  He has built partnerships with Shasta College, which is part of the project Knight Wolf, an endeavor to build and launch a tube satellite into orbit the summer of 2018.  He has been one of the principal drivers in getting grants that will bring robotics to numerous schools in our county.  The rural nature of the Shasta County communities face unique challenges when it comes to providing our students access to some of the more innovative and "cutting edge" technologies that are more ubiquitous in the larger cities.  Brian has been very instrumental bridging this gap through his many contacts at JPL, NASA, and several major universities across the country.

I can think of no other teacher in our county that does so much so effectively for all students in our county."

~ Leo Perez, Principal, Shasta High School