2020 High School Teacher of the Year

Gavin Spencer
Shasta High School





Mr. Spencer puts in a great deal of time into developing the music program and strives to find new ways to connect with his students and the broader community.  He has a confident and approachable style that is very effective at drawing students in and building their confidence as performers.  He has always looked for ways to build his capacity to give his students more engaging and unique experiences, one example of this includes him learning German so his students could access more songs in other languages.  His ability to adhere to expected curricular outcomes, classroom management, communication with both students and parents, are some of the skill sets that enable him to be a successful and highly effective instructor.

Gavin devotes a great deal of time and effort to two major productions, Madrigal Dinner and Spring Musical.  In addition to this he has his students perform in various venues both locally and, across the state and every three years internationally.  The success of the program has surpassed our expectations and continues to grow, as an example the number of State Honor Choir students selected from Shasta High School has consistently been on par with the best music programs in the state.  This past year, he had 9 students on the State Honor Choir, the most of any school in the state.  The impact of this program on our school, community and alumni has been significant.   The feedback from our students speaks to how their exposure to the inspirational and motivational energy that Mr. Spencer brings to the classroom has impacted both their desire to pursue careers in music and how his tutelage has prepared them to be successful from day one at their universities and for some successful musical careers.

We as a school, are lucky to have Mr. Spencer because of how he can be a team player, and most importantly, how he can connect, engage and inspire students.

~ Leo Perez, Principal, Shasta High School, Shasta UHSD