Whiskeytown Environmental School

Whiskeytown Environmental School (AKA: W.E.S. or N.E.E.D. Camp, depending on when you, your children or your grandchildren attended) is located at the N.E.E.D. Camp, twelve miles west of Redding in the Whiskeytown National Recreation Area. The camp facility is owned and maintained by the National Park Service while the educational program is provided by the Shasta County Office of Education. The camp facility consists of eighteen cabins, each of which houses up to nine people, fully equipped kitchen, multi-purpose room, restroom/shower building, teacher and staff quarters, and administrative office.

The general environment near the facility is a mixed forest of manzanita, pine and oak. Nearby are deep canyons with tall ferns, fresh water ponds, many streams, and a man-made lake. There is also an abundance of wildlife living at or near the campus. Deer graze on the campus lawn, and bald eagles nest and feed within the area. Clear Creek provides a habitat that attracts great blue herons, ducks and many other animals.