5th-6th Grade Science School

Whiskeytown Environmental School has put its residential 5th-6th program on "pause" due to not having a site that is currently safe for students.

We now offer a replacement program composed of all-day field trips.  Days are offered in the fall and spring.  Schools may choose the number and types of trips.

Meet your science goals this year as our field instructors guide students during this full or half day field trip.  All field trips include immersion activities that allow the students to explore and enjoy nature as well as science lessons that meet state science (NGSS) standards.  We strongly suggest whole-day programs but also offer half-day programs.  Our standard starting time is 9:30 a.m. but we have flexible start and end times.  Anything over 3 hours is a whole-day program.

  • Cost per student is $20/day or $15/half-day. Teacher and chaperones are free.
  • Payment is due on the date of the field trip.  We accept school Checks or purchase orders.  We do not accept cash.
  • The minimum number of students is 15.  If you have less than 15 you will need to pay for 15 or join another school group. 
  • Maximum number of students is 60.  
  • We require a 10:1 ratio of students to chaperones

(during registration you will pick one)
Anderson River Park
Battle Creek Wildlife Area
Clover Creek Preserve (hot in the late spring)
Lassen NP - Manzanita Lake (fall only)
Lassen NP - South Entrance (fall only)
Sacramento River Bend Area (hot in the late spring)
Spattercone Trail, North of Lassen NP (fall only)
Whiskeytown NRA, Mine Loop

(during registration you will pick based on location)
Energy Flow
Fire Ecology
Slope Aspect
Trees Matter
Volcanic Landscapes

Location and Lesson Details

Registration starts with the calendar below.  Once you choose a date you will be asked to make four more choices.

  1. Choose half (3 hours or less) or full (more than 3 hours) day
  2. Pick a beginning and ending time for your field trip
  3. Choose a site (Note that not all lessons are available at all sites)
  4. Choose one of our NGSS field lessons
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