5th-6th Grade Science School

W.E.S. offers a week-long residential outdoor science program for 5th and 6th grade students visiting from Shasta County, as well as surrounding counties. W.E.S. is open February through the first week of June. The cost for in-county schools is $255 per student for our four and five day camps ($280 for out-of-county). The program teaches environmental education concepts aligned with the state standards.


Is this your first time attending? Have you been bringing your classes to W.E.S. for years? Either way, we want to make sure you, your students, and their parents have all the information you need. Click on the following links for materials that will assist you in planning your week at WES Camp.

Teacher Handbook
Teacher Health Form due two weeks before arrival
Cabin Leader Recruitment Handbook
Top 10 Cabin Leader Recruitment Ideas
Live Scan Clearance
General Special Needs form due two weeks before arrival
Individual Student Special Needs form due two weeks before arrival
Ethnic Diversity form due two weeks before arrival
Parent Lice Letter

Parents and Students

Parents, what an exciting journey your child is about to embark on! Students, are you excited?! What a magnificent opportunity you have ahead of you. This website should help you prepare for your time here at W.E.S. We are anxiously awaiting your arrival. To better prepare yourself for what to expect, please read our Parent/Student Handbook and scroll down for Frequently Asked Questions below.

Handbook in English
Handbook in Spanish


In order to provide the best care for students at Whiskeytown Environmental School, we require pertinent health information on each of our visitors. Our staff members are certified in first aid and CPR. The National Park Service has EMTs on call at all times.

In order to assist us in caring for the children placed in our care, please complete and sign the Health Information Form. There is also a special health conditions portion of the form for children with special health needs such as: bee sting allergies, asthma, diabetes, etc.

The teacher will forward the forms to us so we can review them before your child attends. We will contact you if we have any questions.

Health Information forms in English
Health Information forms in Spanish

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I send Tylenol, Ibuprofen or un-prescribed medication (over the counter medication) to W.E.S. for my student?

Answer: Yes and No. We can administer this type of medication only if the Medication Authorization form is completed by a physician and signed by parent and physician.

Is there Gluten free items on the menu?

Answer: We provide a few gluten free options, you are welcome to send gluten free items if your student is required to eat gluten Free. The kitchen staff will serve whatever items you send with your student.

What is on the menu for the week?

Answer: Menu.

What if my child is a bed wetter?

Answer: please provide your student with nighttime protection such as “Pull-Ups”. We will discretely have a specific plan for your child to insure your child is not uncomfortable.

Are the cabins locked at nighttime?

Answer: Yes.

Is there a checklist of items my child should bring to camp?

Answer: Yes, there is a checklist in the student handbook.  For your convenience here is a one page version of the checklist.

How do I send mail to my child?

Answer: Student mail should be addressed to:

Student's Name
(Student's School & Teacher)
Whiskeytown Environmental School
P.O. Box 645
Shasta, CA 96087

Letters may take up to five days to be delivered by the U.S. Postal Service, so plan ahead.  You can also hand deliver the mail to Shasta COE at 1644 Magnolia Ave. (do not mail it to this address).  Address it the same as above, but drop it off instead of mailing it.




Cabin Leaders

Cabin Leaders: Do you like children? Enjoy nature and the outdoors? Consider yourself a good role model? If so, sign up to become a cabin leader and get experience in leadership and student management.

High school students and adults are encouraged to volunteer as cabin leaders. Each cabin houses up to eight students and one cabin leader. Cabin leaders participate in all weekly activities including hiking, meals, and campfire sing-alongs. Complete information is detailed in the Cabin Leader Handbook, FAQ's, or the cabin leader application below.

How do I sign up?

Cabin Leader Handbook
High School Cabin Leader Application
Adult Cabin Leader Application