Summer Camps


A field instructor standing near a creek holding baby frog in hand to show elementary school children that have gathered around her.


Camp Hours: 9:00 am to 4:30 pm
Staff Available: 7:30 am - 5:30 pm
Grades K-8th

Get your kids off the couch and into the woods exploring the Whiskeytown wilderness! These camps are true summer camp experiences focusing on having fun and enjoying the great outdoors. All campers hike daily and can choose from a myriad of age-appropriate activities during the afternoons such as *kayaking, *archery, fishing, swimming/wading, field games, gold panning, tadpole catching, tie-dying, arts/crafts, campfires, song singing, snipe hunting and much, much more! A favorite activity is beach day at Whiskey Creek and the optional overnight on Thursdays. Note: Since many campers attend every camp, we offer different activities and arts and crafts at each camp to keep things interesting.

*Students must be going into the 4th grade or higher to participate in Kayaking and Archery*

Summer Camp Costs:

  • $199 per week
  • $185 if camp is only scheduled for 4 days
    (Includes field trip and morning and afternoon snacks/beverages)




  • Round-trip transportation from Redding - $30 (per camper, per week)
  • Thursday Overnight - $50 (includes Thursday dinner and Friday breakfast & lunch)


Important Information:

Items available for purchase to tie dye:

  • WES logo t-shirt - $15
  • WES logo tank top - $15
  • WES logo tote - $10
  • WES logo bandana - $7

2018 Summer Camp Schedule

Learn about the history of the Whiskeytown area and what archaeologists do during Archaeology Camp.  Activities include reconstructing pottery from sherds, learning about artifacts and fossils, making treasure rocks and fossils, and finding buried artifacts in a mini archaeological dig.

During our Outdoor Survival Skills Camp, campers learn how to build primitive shelters, read a compass, identify animal tracks and edible plants, and make survival bracelets.  They can also learn how to make a snare and make a fire using a bow drill.

Unfortunately due to low enrollment we were forced to cancel this week of camp.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

Pioneer Camp activities include making hand dipped candles, bread on a stick, picking blackberries for cobbler, and churning butter.  Campers can make pioneer era toys like dancing buttons and thaumatropes, and play old fashioned games including marbles, jacks, string games, hopscotch and potato sack races.

Harry Potter Camp has come to Whiskeytown!  Campers will be sorted into houses and can earn points for their house throughout the week.  Classes will include Wand Making, Herbology, Potions and Spells and The Care of Magical Creatures.  Campers will practice their Quidditch skills and can participate in a Tri-Wizard Tournament.

Campers at our Mad Scientist camp will learn about cool chemical reactions with activities and experiments that include crystal science, kinetic sand, making slime, lava lamps and die dying.  Campers will also have the opportunity to make rockets and simple machines like catapults.