Information Technology

Welcome to the Information Technology Department of the Shasta County Office of Education.
Our team operates a mix of computer systems and software, which support educational technology
and administrative services for our school districts.

The Information Technology department is responsible for the management of the technology infrastructure for SCOE and its remote sites, including phone services, network services and all related equipment. The department manages the Wide Area Network for our school districts. By housing the CENIC connection for the county,
we manage the largest band width north of Chico.

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HOTLINE Support Hours:
7:30am to 5:30pm,
Monday through Friday

Phone: (530) 225-0279

Network Status


James Alspach - IT Executive Director


Maintenance Calendar


James Alspach
IT Director
(530) 225-0293

Rochelle Roberts
IT Project Coordinator
(530) 232-0032

Our Mission

To effectively and efficiently provide access and availability to IT support services to the satisfaction of all its customers by providing an informative and supportive first point of contact, and to assist all our customers in making the best use of technology in their business roles.

It is important to remember that technology used in education, like textbooks, is only one tool in the learning process. Neither can be a substitute for well-trained teachers, leadership, and parental involvement. Keith Krueger