Shasta County Map

Two views of Shasta County Public Schools and school district boundaries are provided below. Select the associated image to view the county map showing the district boundaries or the Interstate 5 urban corridor which includes a street index.

Shasta County map showing district boundaries

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In addition, a GIS map utilizing the County of Shasta's system is available. On the webmap:

On the upper left:

  • The + and - signs zoom in and out
  • The house icon restarts and centers the map.

On the right are several icons:

  • Legend,
  • Layer list to turn on, off, as well as choose different layers for viewing
    • By selecting the small trianagle on the left side of the list, the layer can be expanded to see additional layers for viewing the symbology
  • To change the basemap from imagery to imagery with labels, streets, or topography.