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Welcome to the Shasta County Office of Education’s Transportation Department’s website! The Shasta County Office of Education Transportation Department provides school bus transportation services to a variety of programs within Shasta County.

The County Office operates a fleet of 33 school buses transporting students of all ages to special education programs operated by the County Office as well as programs operated by the school districts in Shasta County and Chrysalis Charter School.

SCOE employs a total of 26 commercial drivers; 25 of them are school bus drivers. Safety is our number one priority; our fleet travels over 800,000 miles annually and the County Office school bus drivers’ maintain an excellent safety record. Our department has two State Certified Instructors on staff to provide ongoing training to our school bus drivers and attendants. Training is also available for drivers from other districts through renewal classroom training held twice a year. The Shasta County Office of Education also provides original school bus driver classroom and behind the wheel training to ensure an adequate number of school bus drivers to sustain the needs of the department.

The Shasta County Office of Education Transportation Department operates a diverse and comprehensive transportation system. Please continue to review this website and utilize the links on this page for more information about our programs and services.

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